5 Symbiotic Partnerships Insurance Agents Need to Get More Clients

5 Symbiotic Partnerships Insurance Agents Need to Get More Clients

If you’re having trouble drumming up enough business for yourself and figuring out how to get more insurance clients, you’re not alone: 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most difficult part of their job. But what if you could make it easier?

This is where the power of symbiotic relationships comes in. The answer for how to get more clients as an insurance agent is as simple: get referrals from other professionals that have mutual interests in your clients. A staggering 61% of salespeople consider it harder to sell now than it was five years ago, so any leg up is worth exploring. 

Keep reading for five partnerships you should invest in now to reap the rewards for years to come. 

Spending Less for More

Mortgage brokers connect borrowers with mortgage lenders and work closely with the borrower. Because home insurance is required to get a mortgage, mortgage brokers are in a great position to recommend an insurance agent to their clients. 

Savvy insurance agents should set up a “give and get” partnership with a mortgage broker, meaning that you’ll refer clients who need a mortgage to them, and they’ll refer clients who need home insurance to you. Alternatively, you can offer incentives to multiple mortgage brokers so that they know that if you send you clients, they’ll get something in return.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have access to potential insurance clients before they may have even decided to buy a home. This is an incredibly valuable relationship for insurance agents, because getting in early is critical. After all, nurturing leads can produce 20% more sales opportunities and these leads will spend 47% more than non-nurtured prospects (think of those insurance upsells!). When a real estate agent is telling their client what they’ll need to buy a home (including home insurance), you want your name to come up. 

Midwives & Birthing Centres

Midwives and birthing centers have access to new families that are the perfect candidates for life insurance, both for adults and children. Establishing a relationship with midwives and birthing centres and asking for referrals is going to transform your business as a life insurance agent. 

After all, new parents often put all their trust in their midwife, and a referral from them is golden. Just how golden? 84% of people trust recommendations from someone they know and referred clients are 18% more loyal (looking for those lifelong clients!). Make sure you set up a referral incentive program to keep the recommendations coming. 

Auto Shops & Dealerships 

Auto shops and dealerships are hot spots for leads when it comes to auto insurance, and it makes good business sense for you to partner with one or more as soon as possible. You can set this up on a referral incentive program, or a give-and-get policy; you’d refer clients to those auto shops and dealerships if they were in a collision or needed a new car, in return for them referring your insurance leads. When you consider the fact that businesses with referral programs see 69% faster sale closings, this is a no-brainer. 

ConsumerCoverage Agent Marketplace 

It’s no secret that generating quality leads is tough. In fact, 61% of marketers find lead generation to be their biggest challenge. Finding ways to make it easier and get more high-quality leads is vital to surviving the competitive insurance marketplace. 

When it comes to how to get more insurance clients, ConsumerCoverage Agent Marketplace can help. We find, filter and send you only high intent leads that are ready to close, so you can spend more time nurturing relationships and closing sales. Plus, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads, especially considering the valuable time you save by having us do the finding and qualifying. 

Your Takeaways

It can take a village to build your book of business; investing in these five partnerships is going to supercharge your closing rate and help you firmly establish yourself in the competitive insurance landscape. These five tips on how to get more clients as an insurance agent will help you outsmart the competition and land yourself lifelong clients that generate more and more business for you over the years.

5 Symbiotic Partnerships Insurance Agents