How Agents Are Using Insurance Lead Generation Tech To Improve Customer Experience (& Make More Money)?

How Agents Are Using Insurance Lead Generation Tech?

One of the ways traditional insurance firms remain stuck in the dark ages is by relying on the data provided by potential clients to set premiums. Although this may seem like an innocent tactic, if insurers were to tap into a more extensive data set, insurance would be better tailored as well as cheaper. 

That’s where insurtech comes in. By connecting to additional data sources like GPS in your car or GPS in your fitness tracker, this new information can be funnelled to the next wave of insurance advancements: deep learning AI (artificial intelligence) to help create fully-customized policies.

So how do you even get noticed?

Easy: leave the stadium and stop shouting. The most effective lead generation strategy doesn’t involve casting a wide net, but casting a small, targeted one. 

Stadiums. Nets. 


We’re mixing metaphors here, but you get the idea: don’t shout louder, talk smarter. Don’t waste your efforts trying to get everyone’s attention. Get the attention of the people who are actually ready to listen. 

This is where our Consumer Coverage Agent Marketplace (CCAM) comes in. We have created a pioneering insurance lead generation platform that boasts a 99% consumer satisfaction rating and unprecedented results. Bonus: it also improved your customer’s experience buying insurance from you.

Read on to find out how Consumer Coverage Agent Marketplace (CCAM) can elevate your customer acquisition, improve your customer’s experience, and ultimately make your life easier and your business more lucrative.

How Lead Gen Tech Improves The Customer Experience?

A successful business — any business — relies on customers to make it profitable. The better the customer experience, the more likely that customer will become a repeat customer, the more likely they will refer you to a friend and ultimately, the more money you make.

So, in the hyper-competitive insurance world, how can you optimize this customer experience with lead gen?

Glad you asked.

Quality Over Quantity

Here is the secret to lead gen success: finding a pool of motivated leads. This was easier said than done until we came on the scene.

Unlike other lead gen tech, our proprietary platform only attracts highly motivated customers who are ready to buy insurance, and then we hand off these motivated customers to you. 

Pretty awesome, right?

Get Exclusive Leads

Many insurance lead generation sites sell their leads to upwards of EIGHT agents, thus creating a feeding frenzy for one customer. How can selling one lead to many agents ever be productive to your bottom line? Well, it isn’t, and this model won’t help improve your customer experience or make you more money.

That’s why we sell an exclusive, highly motivated lead to one — and only one — agent. Cut out the competition between agents and focus on customer acquisition, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

Refining Your Efforts

Getting customers and turning a profit in a competitive industry may seem daunting. However, with our intentional, affordable, and effective lead generation tech on your side, you can devote more time to your customers. And more time with customers means you can address their questions, which improves customer satisfaction and makes you more money!

How CCAM Can Boost Your Bottom Line And Improve Customer Satisfaction?

If you’re sick of trying to get your business noticed, and have learned (the hard way) that not all lead generation systems are created equal, then it’s time to join us. CCAM is your one-stop shop for exclusive and ready-to-buy leads, which will help improve customer relations and make you more money in the process!

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