InsurTech News: Keeping Your Clients’ Data Safe

Keep Clients’ Data Safe with InsurTech

It’s in the news almost daily. Security breaches and ransomware attacks. While most of us, as consumers, do all the right things to keep our data secure, we can only do so much. We rely on the businesses and corporations we deal with to handle our personal information with utmost care. 

Is our data ever really safe? We only have to look as far as BackNine insurtech startup, where a security fault opened the doors to hundreds of thousands of insurance applications full of highly sensitive personal information, to know that things can go very wrong. 

Consumers want to know that their insurance company is able to protect their personal information. The ball is in our court. 

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Insurtech Trends in Security

Insurtech trends handle data with the best tech, for the best protection.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry can be top of the list for hackers and data breaches because of the sensitive information collected from consumers. It’s one of the reasons the industry is highly regulated. A handful of states have adopted the Insurance Data Security Model Law, which forms a legal framework for security standards, including requiring insurers to develop and implement an information security program. The law applies to insurers, insurance agents, and other entities licensed by the state’s department of insurance.

Consumers are required to input increasing amounts of personal information as they explore and compare insurance companies, even before they speak to a live agent. And studies show that consumers want it that way. That’s why designing and implementing a robust system that keeps data secure is one of the first steps in protecting consumers’ information. At Consumer Coverage Agent Marketplace (CCAM), we have done just that to create a platform that is not only highly effective for lead delivery but also highly secure. 

Consumer Coverage Agent Marketplace (CCAM) uses state-of-art data security and management measures including, but not limited to, 256-bit end-end encryption, private tunnelling, access-level protocols and enhanced data storage mechanisms,” says Vishal Shah, ConsumerCoverage’s CEO. “We are one of the only insurtech platforms for agents that combines agent analytics with a sophisticated lead delivery platform.”

The top cybersecurity risk to an insurance provider is still inadvertent disclosure of customer data. Insurtech trends, such as apps or plugins for cars, offer more ways for data to be compromised. Ensuring customer data is handled with kid gloves will keep insurance companies, and the technology they use, out of the news. 

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