How to Boost Your Business

Doing This ONE Thing Just a Few Times a Year Can Boost Your Business

“Out of sight, out of mind” is death to an insurance agent’s book of business. You want to be the name that comes to mind when your clients think of insurance, but you also don’t want to harass them. 

We’ll dive into useful tips and tricks on how to stay in touch with your clients so that you can secure more business, land more referrals, and keep happier clients overall. 

Why Repeat Clients Matter

Buying insurance isn’t like purchasing a new pair of pants. Insurance is a people-oriented industry and a purchase lasts a lot longer than fast fashion. Cultivating a relationship with your clients is a no-brainer, but oftentimes agents forget that it isn’t just about the one-time sale: being a successful agent is about investing in a lifetime client with multiple insurance products and continuous referrals to friends and family. 

In fact, this 2021 report shows that repeat clients are a whopping 9x more likely to convert than new prospects. And if that doesn’t quite convince you of the value of repeat clients, this might: repeat clients spend 67% more than a new client. It makes good business sense to keep your clients and keep them happy—and that involves regular touchpoints. 

But you’ll want to come up with creative ways to stay in touch with clients so that it doesn’t feel like you’re just continuously hitting them up for new business. We’ll dive more into that below. 

So, How Often Should You Contact Clients?

There are differing opinions on this one, but a good rule of thumb is at least once per quarter. This frequency keeps you in front of the mind without irritating your clients, and it also keeps you updated on important life events that might require a change in their insurance needs. Regular touch points are a key part of the customer experience. And customer experience matters: a “very good” customer experience rating will mean your clients are 94% more likely to buy again in the future. Not to mention, 78% of consumers will forgive a mistake because of an excellent customer experience.  Of course, this applies mainly to clients that haven’t contacted you. If they have, use your best judgment to determine how much more contact they need.

Creative Ways to Stay in Touch With Clients

If you’re wondering about the right way to stay in touch with clients, you’re not alone. There have never been more ways to get ahold of someone, but the right touchpoint will make all the difference.  After all, the average person gets 121 emails per day, according to this report. Spamming all of your clients at once with a non-personalized “checking in” email doesn’t count. But the simple act of including your client’s name in the subject line can boost open rates by 29% Some creative ways to stay in touch with clients include:
  • Pick up the phone and check-in for a casual conversation
  • Go out for a meal, a drink, a game, or whatever your client enjoys
  • Send out personalized holiday cards, but also cards for birthdays, anniversaries, births, and more if you can swing it
  • Ask for feedback: whether you send out a survey or ask key clients directly, it gives you important insight and makes your clients feel valued
  • Send them articles and news that you think they’ll be interested in
  • Host and invite them to information sessions about insurance products
Personalization is critical, and part of that is knowing the best way to connect with your clients, whether that’s a phone call, email, social media message, or even carrier pigeon. Your job is to know your clients and anticipate their needs, so figuring out how they like to interact will help you keep happier clients that want to share information with you. Make it personal and make it count—at just once per quarter, you can afford the time it takes to figure out creative ways to stay in touch with clients. 

The Bottom Line

Clients want to feel prioritized and valued. Regular outreach goes a long way towards securing you lifelong clients and increasing your bottom line. 64% of consumers feel that the human element is lost in customer experience, but that won’t apply to you thanks to these tips and tricks on how to stay in touch with your clients.  It’s time to pick up the phone and touch base with your clients—your book of business will thank you for it. While you’re at it, sign up with ConsumerCoverage Agent Marketplace to make getting motivated clients easier.
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