What Are The Traits of EVERY Successful Insurance Agent

5 Traits EVERY Successful Insurance Agent Has

Every insurance agent wants to be successful. You don’t get into this competitive business hoping to do a mediocre job. But not all agents have the qualities of a good insurance agent, which doesn’t help their chances of success. And when 89% of agents quit within three years, you’re going to want to figure out the top traits of successful insurance agents—fast.

Keep reading to find out how to be a successful insurance agent and what to focus on, so you have what it takes to thrive in this crowded, competitive market.

  1. Prioritizing Client Service: 
    This one tops the list when it comes to how to be a successful insurance agent, although it should be obvious. Insurance agents aim to have lifelong clients; when their clients get married, buy a car, purchase a house, have a baby, think about life insurance, and more, you should be there with them, every step of the way.

    But you’re not going to be the first name they think of when it’s time to purchase an insurance policy if you don’t have stellar client service. It’s a hard truth, but it’s a reality of a people-oriented business like insurance. People stick with agents because they like them, and it’s also how they secure referrals to grow their book of business. In fact, 78% of consumers will even forgive a mistake because of the excellent customer experience.

    Treat your clients well, and you’ll keep your book of business healthy and thriving for years to come.


  2. Willingness to Develop Professionally: 
    When it comes to the insurance business, the second you stop learning is the second your business stops growing. A willingness to develop professionally will take you far and is absolutely one of the top traits of successful insurance agents. To put it into perspective, continuous training leads to 50% higher net sales per person.

    This means constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone to become more knowledgeable and a better agent for your clients, while improving your ability to bring in new clients.

    If doing the same thing over and over isn’t getting you results, it’s time to try new things. If your book of business is stagnating, step your game up with tools like Agent Marketplace. You can find, filter, and access high intent leads to make the business of growing your business infinitely easier.

    And when 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of their job, why not make it easier and more effective?


  3. Ability to Self Promote: 
    It’s not always easy to promote yourself, but when it comes to how to be a successful insurance agent, you’re going to have to learn. Whether you’re backed by an insurance company or you’re an independent agent, what you’re really selling is yourself and your client service. If you don’t market yourself, no one will.

    So, how do you do it?

    Ask every client for referrals. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but when you find out that 47% of top sales performers consistently ask for referrals, it’s worth the temporary discomfort (and it does get easier). Everyone you know should know that you’re in the insurance business and that you should be top of mind when it comes to finding an insurance agent.

    Next, find free or low-cost ways to advertise yourself constantly. We’re talking social media, online reviews, partnering with local businesses, building informative landing pages and videos, and more. There’s no shortage of insurance agents out there to choose from, but the ones that aren’t afraid to self-promote are the ones that will see the most success.


  4. Being Self Motivated: 
    As an insurance agent, you’re essentially your own boss. But that means that you’re also responsible for your own success and making sure you do the right things, day after day. Another of the top qualities of a good insurance agent is being self-motivated. It’s not easy reaching out to lead after lead, or to make the 2-4 follow-up calls that buyers want to receive, but it’s how you build a book of business that will let you succeed.

    And if you’re just starting out, you’ll need even more tenacity and determination. 81% of top performers spend 4 hours or more on sales-related activities, and as a new insurance agent, you’ll need to spend more than half your day on activities like prospecting and follow-ups. It’s not easy, but it’ll get you where you need to be.


  5. Having a Sense of Urgency:
    Having a sense of urgency as an insurance agent is going to pay off twofold. First, while it might not seem urgent enough to you to interrupt your weekend with a client’s call about changing their auto insurance policy because their daughter is coming home from college this week and wants to use the car, it’s urgent to them. And ultimately, how you handle that is going to dictate your relationship with your client. Having a sense of urgency around what matters to your clients is going to cement yourself as their lifelong insurance agent.

    Second, a sense of urgency is going to pay off big when it comes to new clients. Acting on leads quickly and staying on top of follow ups will help you build your book of business and become successful: in fact, 35-50% of sales go to the person that responds first. And following up with leads within five minutes means you’ll be 9 times more likely to engage with them.

    In a crowded marketplace like insurance, you simply can’t afford to take your time. A sense of urgency is one of the top traits of successful insurance agents and it’ll help you get to that next level.

How to Be a Successful Insurance Agent: Key Takeaways

It’s not enough to know your products inside and out. And it’s not enough to want to be successful, without putting in the work. The qualities of a good insurance agent aren’t impossible to achieve, but it does mean you might have to rethink a few of your tactics, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. 

But it’s worth the effort. A successful career as an insurance agent is a fascinating, constantly evolving adventure that can be both profitable and fulfilling, but it’s up to you to get there. 

5 Traits EVERY Successful Insurance Agent Has