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Medicare Part B Covers Your Doctor Visits

Medicare Part B insurance is that part of original Medicare that covers your regular health care and supplies. A few examples of what Medicare Part B may cover are ambulance services, part time or intermittent home health care and doctors visits and supplies that are doctor ordered. Durable medical equipment and outpatient rehabilitative services are also part of Medicare Part B health insurance coverage.

Below is a Listing and Brief Description of Medicare Part B included coverages
  • Health provider services – doctors, nurse practitioners, occupational and physical therapists as well as mental health professionals are all examples of licensed healthcare providers covered by Medicare Part B.
  • Durable medical equipment – walkers, wheelchairs oxygen tanks and other durable devices bought or leased from a Medicare approved supplier and authorized by your healthcare provider
  • Home Healthcare Services – part time and intermittent services if you are homebound and unable to receive them at an outpatient facility.
  • Ambulance services – Emergency to and from the hospital, also when no alternatrive medically safe option is available.
  • Preventive services – Screenings and counselling designed for prevention and maintaining good health
  • Therapy – Outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapies as ordered by a physician
  • Chiropractic care – for manipulation of the spine only

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Medicare Part B Application Procedures

Nearing 65 years of age? If you are, you must apply for Medicare for 3 months prior to your birth month and up to 3 months after. If you already receive certain government benefits or those from the Railroad retirement Board, your enrollment may be automatic but we recommend you check to make sure. If you have worked the required number of quarters, Part A is free but you must apply for Part B Medicare and for this coverage you will likely pay a premium.

So When Can I Enroll?

When you first qualify for Medicare, when you leave an employee or union creditable health plan or during:

  • Initial Enrollment Period(IEP): Three months before, during your birth month and up to 3 months after the month of your birth
  • General Enrollment Period(GEP): Jan1- March 31 annually if you missed your IEP at which time you can also look at the best Medicare Part B plans offered by Medicare Advantage insurers’
  • Special Enrollment Period(SEP): Events like when you or your spouse retire or lose employer or union coverage can trigger a special enrollment.

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Medicare Part B is the medically necessary service portion of traditional Medicare and covers doctor’s visits as well as those medically necessary ones to other health care providers such as occupational and physical therapists, mental health professionals, counselling, screening and even some home health care.
Failure to sign up at first Medicare eligibility with no creditable coverage from an employer or other group may result in a penalty. If you choose not to take part B make sure the plan that covers you is creditable coverage.
As has been noted, eligibility begins when certain government benefits are received or at age 65. If you are working and covered by a union or employer plan of comparable or creditable benefits to Part B you can apply at a later date with no penalty.
The traditional Medicare Parts A & B coverage can be part of what are called Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare part B plans are available that provide the same benefits as well as additional options. Provided by private insurers, they must equal all the coverages of part B traditional medicare.
No, nor vision, prescriptions hearing aids or prescription drugs. Excess provider charges, acupuncture or non donated blood also are not reimbursed.
You still have several options if you missed that opportunity. Each year there is a Medicare Part B open enrollment period that allows recipients to consider optional Advantage coverage, changing their Advantage provider or a return to traditional Medicare. In addition, there are other options if you are no longer covered by a union or private plan.

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