Leadership: Setting the Tone

Our Leadership Team

Vishal Shah

Head of Technology
Vishal Shah leads all of our technology efforts. This includes leading our technology strategy in terms of how we leverage tech to not only improve the consumer experience but to also drive high intent consumers to our clients. Our objective from day one has been to be as self-reliant as we possibly can from a tech stack perspective. We do our best to avoid off-the-shelf solutions and choose instead to invest the time and resources it takes to build technology that was made to serve our business, not the other way around.

For any tech related inquiries, please reach out to Vishal directly at: vshah@consumercoverage.com

Adrian Lee

Head of Media and Marketing
This lead gen space we operate in is rather small so if you are reading this and are in the industry, chances are you either know Adrian or have heard of him. Yes, he’s that good! Adrian brings a tenacity to our company that is unmatched; he simply won’t stop until he figures it out or makes it better and we are a better company because of it. He has successfully built, scaled, and managed large and small call operations. Adrian also heads up our marketing initiatives with the goal of increasing brand awareness and helping promote brand ambassadors and is always improving our consumer flows. You never know what this marketing whiz is going to do but whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be fun and effective.

For any media or marketing inquiries, please reach out to Adrian directly at: alee@consumercoverage.com

Marc Berry

Head of Revenue & Strategic Relationship
Marc is responsible for all of our client relationships as well as our strategies to responsibly grow our revenue streams. He has been in this lead gen space since 2007 when he left the corporate insurance world in pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream and has never looked back. Marc has been able to forge some great client relationships that are taking us to the next level of corporate growth. A few of the key strategies he has been working on include our CCCM (ConsumerCoverage Click Marketplace) as well as the expansion of our current agent network of 5,000 agents to over 27,000 agents on the heels of a new strategic alliance. Marc understands that as a group, we seek to help each other grow, personally and professionally. This is why it’s his mission to continue to build something truly great: a bit of a legacy!

For any revenue or partnership inquiries, please reach out to Marc directly at: mberry@consumercoverage.com

Hollay Ghadery

VP of Communications
Hollay Ghadery has spent 17 years working in content creation/management, brand development, and digital strategy. She's excited to be a part of the team at ConsumerCoverage as the VP of Communications.

With a strong background in language and literature and an unfettered love for reading and writing, Hollay understands the power of clear communication and the importance of a strong narrative. From media relations and releases to social media messaging and marketing campaigns, Hollay works closely with the rest of the team to amplify ConsumerCoverage's brand narrative and target our brand impact.

Have a corporate communication inquiry? Feel free to drop Hollay a line: hollay@consumercoverage.com