We're Different — And We Can Prove It

We've created a next-level lead-generation platform that delivers, combing our decades of experience in the industry with groundbreaking technological agility and prowess to give our agents exclusive access to quality leads—all for competitive prices.

  • Exclusive Leads

    Whereas the industry model can sell leads to up to eight agents, we sell our leads to only one agent, never more. This means you’re not competing with another agent for that same customer, which will increase lead performance and conversion.

  • Low-Touch Service

    We've hand-picked a small, experienced, and highly specialized team of employees who are available via email and live chat. This low-touch communication gives our agents the support they need while reducing costs by only facilitating calls if needed.

  • National Coverage

    We generate targeted consumers who are shopping for insurance in all states, while also allowing you to filter leads based on lifestyle, demographic, and geography. And this agile design is only part of the power of our platform.

  • Real-Time Leads

    We know that time is of the essence when it comes to getting ready-to-act clients connected with an agent, which is why we deliver leads to you in real-time: so you can start building a relationship, ASAP.

Let’s Build Your Book!

Work smarter, not harder! Our advanced platform is flexible and affordable, allowing you to adjust your lead search criteria as well as your commitment whenever you want.

Our Technology

  • Tap into the power of proven cutting-edge technology to acquire more customers with less effort. We're leveraging our custom-built tech to identify, engage and empower consumers shopping for insurance.
  • But it starts with you.
  • The people who come to us are looking for the best insurance and the best agents to represent their needs. All you have to do is sign up with our platform, apply your preferred filters, and we'll deliver customers to your virtual doorstep.
  • Signing up is simple. Just set your lead criteria and do what you do best—sell! Our low-touch, high-value and unprecedentedly agile technology means you can do more with less. Less set-up, less finicky correspondence, less stress, and less money.

Lead Types & Prices

We're at the top of our game. Get on top of yours. Score competitive lead prices on all major types of insurance.

  • Auto $6/lead
  • Home $8/lead
  • Health (includes Medicare) $6/lead
  • Life $8/lead

Leaders in Lead Conversion

Our platform was designed to bolster the three strongest indicators of solid customer retention so you can continue to earn renewal commissions. There’s no other service that delivers the same amazing conversion rates as ConsumerCoverage.

  • High Contact Rates

    Reach the most motivated clients.

  • High Quote Rates

    Make contact, start creating relationships.

  • High Sales Conversion

    More leads become your clients.

How It Works


Complete our signup form

If you get stuck, check out our form tips. You can also jump on live chat or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you the same day to help you through the process.


Make a Deposit

Deposit the amount of money you'd like to spend for the month.



Review & Confirmation

Our technology will review your filters, confirm your information and payment and then approve your account to be set live. We’ll notify you via email that all is good and confirm your start date.


Go Live!

Once live, leads matching your lead criteria will be sent to your account and you’ll be notified they are ready. We’ll continue to send you leads until your funds have been exhausted and will alert you once your funds reach $30 to make it easy for you to refuel your account if you choose.


It’s easy and takes mere minutes!

Deposit Incentives

Take advantage of our deposit bonus incentives!

  • Deposit $500-$1000 and receive $100 in free leads
  • Deposit over $1000 and receive $250 in free leads

Note: Deposit Incentives - Applies to New Agent Sign up Only!

The numbers don’t lie—our leads convert so get started today and let us help you grow your agency!


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