You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.

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Common Types of Health Insurance Plans

Individual Plans

When it's just you who you need to cover, choose an individual plan and get maximum coverage at affordable rates.

Short-Term Plans

Sometimes you just need a short-term solution to a problem. With short-term health plans, you can get covered fast!

Family Plans

Get coverage for the most important part of your life: your family! Get the family coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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Open enrollment begins November 1st and runs through January 31st each year. Explore your plan options, get informed, and be confident about your health insurance choice.

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You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.
Know Your Options

Popular Health Insurance Plans

Health Maintenance Organizations are a popular type of insurance for both individuals and families. They provide both preventative, regular and emergency care through a network of hospitals and physicians. A preferred provider is at the center of this system and all referrals for specialist services pass through them for referral. Emergency care is provided at designated facilities and use of physicians or services outside of the HMO are frequently not covered. Deductibles and copays may apply but wellness visits are encouraged.
POS is a hybrid of the HMO and PPO. This plan may require a preferred provider to monitor any need for specialist care and there is a network to provide services but out of network services are also possible. Deductibles and copays may apply.
A HDHP plan carries a high deductible before the insurance begins to pay. Sometimes called a catastrophic health plan—since it’s not activated until expenses reach a pre-set point—a HDHP is useful for young adults and healthy individuals who wish to save on premiums but want some protection in case of unexpected illness or accident. The first dollar is paid by the insurance company only when the deductible amount is met.
A PPO plan is similar to an HMO but does not require a preferred provider to monitor services for referrals. It does have deductibles and copays for services used so most doctor visits require payment for services rendered. The PPO provides a list of physicians and services that are part of the network and the policy holder is free to choose from them. Coverage for services outside of the PPO are available but not encouraged.
The most restrictive plan requires that the policy holder use only those physicians and services that are a part of the EPO. Services other than emergencies provided by anyone other than an EPO provider are not covered, Deductibles and co-pays may apply.