You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.

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If you drive or own a car, you need car insurance. You don’t have much of a choice about that, but you do have options. 

We’re here to make sure you get the best option at the lowest price possible. It all starts with understanding how much coverage you need. In some states, the minimum is enough and in other states, you need full car insurance coverage. Regardless of what you require, we can help you save money and get protected. 

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Types of Coverage

Understanding the Basics of Car Insurance


If you are found at-fault in an accident and your insurance is active at the time, liability coverage will pay the other party's damages up to your policy limits.


Collision insurance covers damage to your car due to a collision, minus the deductible you selected when you purchased your auto insurance policy.


Comprehensive insurance covers against damage to your vehicle not caused by something you did, such as vandalism, glass breakage, weather related-incidents, and hitting an animal.

Towing and Roadside

If you have a flat or need a tow to a repair shop, towing and roadside assistance coverage will pay the bill up to the limits of your policy.

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You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.