You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.

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Rain, wind, fire, hail, theft, vandalism, and water damage can all wreak havoc on your home. Protect against damage with affordable home insurance. Get covered!

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What Does a Typical Home Insurance Policy Cover?


The home itself from foundation to roof. Coverage should equal what it would cost to rebuild the structure.

Additional Living Expenses

Covers additional costs if you are forced to live and eat somewhere else while repairs are being made to your home.

Other Structures

Detached outbuildings, fences, pools, and yes, even your mailbox! Personal property, furniture, electronics, kitchenware damaged or stolen.

Personal Liability

Coverage in the event your dog bites a neighbor, someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, or for other injuries for which you might be sued.
Types of Homeowner's Policies

Types of Home Insurance Policies

Homeowner Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Condo Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance
Protect Your Home
Protection for what is likely your most valuable possession. Home insurance covers the dwelling, any out-buildings or structures, and your personal possessions. It also provides liability and medical payments for people injured on your property. The most affordable home insurance can even provide for your living expenses while repairs are being made.

    Protect Your Rental Home
    Your landlord should carry insurance on the structure but you need to protect your “stuff.” Renter's insurance policy will do just that. Plus, it can also provide liability and medical payments to those injured while in your home. Get the lowest home insurance and renters rates here, with us!

      Protect Your Condo
      Condo insurance is unique because you own your unit, but the building is held in common with others. A condo policy will take care of your interior, your possessions and any damage caused by something originating in your unit but which damages another’s property. The policy will also cover liability and injury.

        Protect Your Mobile Home
        Much like a homeowner’s policy, mobile home insurance covers the structure, your possessions, and provides liability protection as well. However, it does not cover the ground on which your home sits. While mobile home insurance is not always required, it is frequently requested by the site owner.

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          You don't always have a choice, but you do have options.
          How to Save on Your Home Insurance

          Annual Homeowner’s Insurance: Don’t Pay Too Much!

          Known as bundling, multi-discount savings are achieved when you have both your home, auto, and often other policies with the same company. Your savings can be up to 20%!
          Some companies offer claim-free discounts if no claims have been filed for a specified time period.
          Buying your first home or insuring a new one? Check with your provider about the possibility of a discount and save some serious money.
          Do you have a fire and burglar alarm, deadbolts or storm resistant roofing? Staying safe can pay off! See if your insurer offers a discount.
          Some companies offer discounts to customers who have had policies with them for longer periods of time.