About Consumer Coverage | Get to Know Us


About Consumer Coverage – Get to Know Us!

Consumer Coverage is not your ordinary lead generation company, for lack of a better cliché, we are different!  We are different in what we bring to a relatively mature yet still growing space and that is a diversified experience set that positions us to understand and serve consumers searching for insurance better than most in our industry can.

So, What is It That We Bring That Is So Different?

  • Lead Generation – Hands On: We are not just saying we’re a lead gen company, we actually do it and we do it ourselves, in house.  Our co-founder and Head IT guy is one of the best lead generators we have ever known, not to mention being a “top of the class” level Tech guy.  Our favorite Western Canadian and Head of Marketing & Media guy, Adrian Lee, also happens to be one of the best call guys I’ve ever met.  Needless to say, Adrian runs all of our call efforts as well as all the other media and marketing initiatives.

  • Direct Industry experience:  Our CRO, Marc Berry, spent a total of 8 years with two of the most well-known insurance companies in the U.S.  Marc spent 5 years with Progressive Insurance and 3 years with Esurance.  During that time, both companies were growing at a rapid rate that allowed Marc to touch a few different operational areas and he brings that direct experience to Consumer Coverage.

  • Agency Ownership: One day the three of us decided we were missing a major piece of the experience pie in our pursuit of a holistic view and understanding of shopping for and buying insurance.  That piece was agency ownership.  So, we ventured out and secured appointments with many of the nation’s best national and regional insurance carriers to include Progressive, The General, Dairyland, Safeway and several others.  We leveraged our lead generation experience and a call center that Adrian managed to identify proper risk for our carriers and were able to identify high intent consumers and then connected them with our agents.  This experience was invaluable in helping us understand the entire value chain in terms of shopping for and buying insurance.

  • Technology:  Our Head Tech guy, Vishal, has spent the last 15+ years building a very successful technology company with well over 100 employees.  This has given us a very unique skillset and understanding in how technology can help enhance and improve the customer journey which further enables us to provide high-intent, in-funnel insurance shoppers to our clients.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Our combined experience of over 50 years represents only a small amount of time working for someone else.  Most of our combined experience comes from being self-employed and carving out our own path.  Our revenue guy, Marc, actually grew up in a small family-owned business in Northern California and remembers spending evenings counting the sales receipts for the day with his dad and working for dad every day after school through his high school years.  Adrian also grew up in a family-owned business in which his parents were and still are Life Insurance agents.

We Bring this Experience to Bare On Our Industry!

All the experience in the world doesn’t mean much in the absence of relentless execution on well thought out plans that bring all of this experience to bare on a shared vision.  This is our pursuit, not our destiny.  We embrace and live off of the bliss we experience from the journey.

We look forward to talking with you and, hopefully, working together should there be an opportunity for us to create a Win-Win business relationship.