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Hit and Run Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

A hit and run is an accident where the driver flees the scene of the accident without leaving any contact information. This definitely isn’t an ideal position to be in, because without the other driver’s insurance and contact information, it makes it more challenging for insurance claims. 

So does car insurance cover hit and runs? Keep reading to find out and to ensure you’re as protected as you can be on the road. 

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Does Car Insurance Cover Hit and Runs?

Your car insurance may cover you if you or your vehicle is damaged in a hit and run. It depends on each policy and where you live, but the following coverage types may help you with your hit-and-run expenses:

  • Collision: this is designed to protect your vehicle from any collision with another vehicle or stationary object, no matter who is at fault. Collision insurance can help cover the cost of repairs or replacement for a damaged vehicle.
  • Uninsured motorist: this coverage protects you from drivers that don’t have insurance, which means your insurance provider wouldn’t be able to share any costs from the accident with their provider. Drivers fleeing the scene of the accident can be considered uninsured motorists in many states, which means this coverage could help you with any costs from the accident. There are two types of uninsured motorist coverage: bodily injury, which would cover medical bills, and property damage, which would cover damage to the car.
  • Medical payments or PIP (personal injury protection): this helps cover the cost of medical bills for you and your passengers, regardless of who’s at fault, which means this coverage could be used in the event of a hit and run.

Note that each of these coverages varies by state; for example, personal injury protection is required in some states but not available in all. You should also keep in mind that each of these coverage types has a limit, meaning you’ll need to pay out of pocket for any costs that exceed the limits. 

Hit and run car insurance really depend on the extent of the damage and injuries in each accident. Depending on your policy and coverage, you may be able to cover some or all of the costs from a hit and run accident. 

Understanding Hit and Run Car Insurance Claims

After an accident, drivers usually exchange contact and insurance information and file claims with their respective insurance providers. But after a hit and run, it can be confusing to know what to do. Make sure that you never chase after another driver; call the police right away and relay any identifying details. Ensuring all passengers are safe and unharmed is the priority right after an accident. 

Within 24 hours, you should file an accident report. Then, alert your insurance provider that you were the victim of a hit and run. Your insurance provider will walk you through your options, especially if there are repair/replacement costs and medical bills for injuries. 

Will a Hit and Run Raise Insurance?

The answer to this really depends on your insurance provider. Your premiums may not increase if the police determine that you weren’t at fault, but some insurance policies raise insurance rates after any claim, regardless of fault. 

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Hit and Run Car Insurance: Am I Protected?

No matter the situation, hit and runs can be stressful, scary, and frustrating, especially if there is damage and injuries. You can’t control other drivers, but you can ensure you’re protected as much as possible with great car insurance coverage. 

Talk to your insurance provider today to adjust your car insurance if you’re worried about hit and runs, or shop around for a more comprehensive policy that might even end up saving you money. 

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