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Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing, Vaccines, and Treatment?

Does Medicare Cover Covid Treatment ConsumerCoverage

If you’ve been wondering, “does Medicare cover COVID testing and vaccines?”, you’re not alone. It’s a common question because of how widespread COVID-19 has become in North America. People want to know that they have health insurance to help protect them both health wise and financially. 

Find out everything you’ve been wanting to know about the Coronavirus testing, vaccines, and treatment in terms of your Medicare coverage.

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1. Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing?

The good news is that since 2020, Medicare has been covering COVID testing. This means that if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID, you can get tested completely free of charge, with no out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare Part B would be the portion of Medicare that covers COVID testing. 

In terms of preventing the spread of COVID-19, this is particularly important. If those covered by Medicare had to pay for COVID-19 testing, it might be more of a financial obstacle and prevent people  from getting tested. 

2. Does Medicare Pay For COVID Treatment?

Those that qualify for Medicare are typically some of the most vulnerable populations in terms of COVID-19. For many, getting COVID-19 can mean little to no symptoms. But for vulnerable populations, it can be more serious and even life threatening. This can mean prescription medication to treat the symptoms or hospital stays for the more severe cases. 

Treatment for COVID-19 can add up quickly. The good news is the Medicare does cover COVID-19 treatment, to a certain degree:

  • Medicare Part A, which is the part of Medicare that helps pay for inpatient and hospital costs, covers your care for up to 60 days in the hospital if you’re admitted due to COVID-19. 
  • Medicare Part B, which is the part of Medicare that covers outpatient care and doctor’s services, would help pay for doctor’s visits for COVID-19, ventilators and other treatments for COVID-19, and vaccines.
  • Medicare Part D would cover any prescription drugs prescribed for COVID-19 symptoms.

If you’re looking to speak to a doctor but prefer to stay home, Medicare also covers Telehealth visits. This is a great way to prevent additional spread of COVID-19 if you’re experiencing symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.

An important note is that while Medicare does cover COVID-19 treatment, your typical copays and deductibles still apply.

3. Does Medicare Cover COVID Vaccine Doses?

Vaccines are typically covered under Medicare Parts B or D to help prevent illness. COVID-19 vaccines are no exception: Medicare Part B covers all COVID-19 vaccines. For the time being, COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone in the United States (regardless of whether they have healthcare insurance or not), in order to encourage more vaccination during the pandemic.

It’s important to note that if you’re enrolled in Medicare Part D only, you won’t be covered for COVID-19 vaccines if they are no longer free. If you’re enrolled in Medicare Original, you’ll have full coverage for COVID-19 vaccines. 

In fact, if you have a disability or challenge getting to a vaccination location, Medicare may even pay for a doctor to come to your home and administer your COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re immunocompromised, you may qualify for an additional COVID-19 dose at no cost. 

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The Low Down on Medicare and COVID-19

So, does Medicare cover COVID treatment, vaccines, and testing? Yes, in short. Medicare is constantly adapting to new circumstances and developments during the pandemic to ensure those that qualify for Medicare are protected. As with all Medicare coverage, there may be some out-of-pocket costs, but there is indeed coverage.

While you should do everything in your power to stay healthy and avoid contracting COVID-19, rest assured that your Medicare coverage will help you with testing, vaccines and treatment, should you need it. 

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