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LLC Business Insurance

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  • LLC Business Insurance

    Small Business Insurance for LLC Registering your business as a limited liability company (LLC) separates your business assets from your personal assets. That separation helps to protect your personal assets if your business is ever sued, but an LLC doesn’t protect your business assets. To do that, you’ll need to purchase Limited Liability Company insurance.… Continue reading LLC Business Insurance

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  • Insurance for Special Events

    Special Event Insurance Your business insurance protects you during your typical daily operations, but you might not be covered if you host a special event, like a fundraiser or party. Adding on events insurance gives you the extra, temporary coverage you need to make sure you’re protected during these occasional events. Table of Contents What… Continue reading Insurance for Special Events

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  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    Cyber Security Insurance Accepting digital payments, storing digital customer information, and even simply using computers to operate your business all come with risks. In fact, according to the University of Maryland, cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds, and the computers in the university’s study were attacked an average of 2,244 times per day. With the… Continue reading Cyber Liability Insurance

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  • Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional Liability Insurance During a photo shoot, a prop collapses and a client is injured. While a massage therapist treats a client, the client is hurt by that treatment. In these situations and more, professionals may face legal consequences for their services. Professional liability insurance can help to protect them. Table of Contents What is… Continue reading Professional Liability Insurance

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  • Business Personal Property Insurance

    Business Personal Property Insurance Business personal property insurance, also known as BPP insurance, can help protect the property and equipment you use at your company. This type of coverage is often included in your business property insurance, and it’s essential in fully protecting your business. Table of Contents What is BPP Insurance? BPP insurance coverage… Continue reading Business Personal Property Insurance

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  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance? As an employer, you’re responsible for creating a safe workplace. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are in implementing safety procedures and protocols, workplace accidents can’t be avoided. If an employer is injured or becomes ill as a result of a workplace accident, your business is technically on the… Continue reading Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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  • Business Owners Insurance

    What is a Business Owner’s Policy? As a business owner, chances are you’ll need several types of insurance policies to fully protect your business. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines policies to simplify your insurance and save you some money. A BOP insurance policy combines business property and business liability insurance for more comprehensive coverage.… Continue reading Business Owners Insurance

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