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Here’s What You Need to Know About Connecticut Health Care Plans

No matter which state you call home, shopping for health insurance can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of policies, each with their own conditions and prices. You’d have to be a crazy person to find satisfaction in collecting information about health insurance throughout the 50 states.  

Luckily for you, we are crazy! Because that is exactly what we’ve done. Keep reading all of the most important information regarding health insurance in Connecticut. 

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Types of Connecticut Health Insurance Plans

Healthcare protects you from poor health, but health insurance policies protect your wallet from high medical expenses. The unfortunate reality is that our health is never guaranteed and accidents happen all the time. Carrying proper health insurance is one way to stay protected from unforeseen circumstances.  Connecticut offers a variety of health insurance plans to its residents that are available through the following channels:
  • Access Health CT State Exchange 
  • HUSKY Health/Medicaid 
  • Medicare 
  • Employer-sponsored plans 
  • Private insurance providers  
Keep reading for a breakdown on each of these Connecticut health insurance options. 

The Average Cost of Health Insurance in Connecticut

Before we go over the details on how health insurance works, we want to give you an idea of the cost. Like it or not, price is a significant factor when choosing to buy health insurance in Connecticut.  


First, we want to remind you that the price of any given policy depends on factors such as:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Policy type 
  • County 
  • Smoker/nonsmoker (and other potential lifestyle choices)

Since the price is affected by so many different factors, you should take the provided figure with a grain of salt. This figure should only be used as a guiding compass for comparative purposes.

The average cost of health insurance for a 40-year-old in Connecticut is $667 per month. But since your actual cost can depend on so many different factors, you can cut to the chase by getting access to free quotes fast here

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Access Health CT State Exchange

Every state has their own marketplace exchange where approved companies sell quality health coverage. In Connecticut, this marketplace is called Access Health CT. 

On Access Health CT, you’ll find plans offered by these three carriers:

  • Anthem BlueCross BlueShield
  • ConnectiCare
  • ConnectiCare Benefits Inc. 

Each of these carriers is available throughout the entire state. 

While other states tend to have a wider variety of carriers on the marketplace, Connecticut’s state exchange still offers a range of health insurance plans. They use a metal tier system to differentiate between them. 

The metal tier system works like this: 

  • Bronze Tier: These plans have high deductibles and low premiums. They are ideal for young, healthy individuals who anticipate few medical expenses. 
  • Silver Tier: These plans have balanced deductibles and premiums. They are ideal for people who need a little more coverage but cannot afford higher-tiered plans. 
  • Gold Tier: These plans have low deductibles and high premiums. They are ideal for individuals who anticipate a number of medical costs. 
  • Platinum Tier: These plans have the lowest deductibles and highest premiums. They are ideal for people who need extensive health coverage.

The Access Health CT state exchange offers a wide variety of plans suitable for so many different situations. 

Depending on your income, you may also qualify for tax subsidies on marketplace plans to reduce health coverage costs

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HUSKY Health Insurance in Connecticut

The HUSKY Health program encompasses Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program to provide low cost health insurance in Connecticut.  There are four kinds of HUSKY plans:
  1. HUSKY A: Encompasses Medicaid for children, teenagers, parents, relative caregivers, and pregnant women. 
  2. HUSKY B: Encompasses the Children’s Health Insurance Program for children under the age of 19. 
  3. HUSKY C: Encompasses Medicaid for those over 65 years old, and those with certain disabilities such as blindness. 
  4. HUSKY D: Encompasses Medicaid for low-income adults who do not have any dependent children. 
Each of these HUSKY Health plans offers full coverage at little to no cost. Benefits include (but are not limited to):
  • Doctor visits
  • Prescription medication
  • Vision care 
  • Dental care 
Eligibility for these programs are determined by income and social situation. You can learn more about the eligibility limits by clicking here

Medicare Health Insurance

Medicare is another government-sponsored health insurance plan available in Connecticut. 

Qualifying individuals:

  • Are 65 years of age or older 
  • OR have specific disabilities such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or End Stage Renal Disease 

There are four parts to Medicare coverage:

  1. Part A: Encompasses emergency and ambulatory care. 
  2. Part B: Encompasses outpatient care*.
  3. Part C: Also called Medicare Advantage, these plans are purchased from private insurance providers and offer a wide range of coverage options. 
  4. Part D: Encompasses prescription drug benefits. 

*note: Part A and B combine to form Original Medicare, which is the standard Medicare plan. 

No matter which parts of Medicare you select, this government-sponsored coverage helps seniors and those with disabilities find affordable health insurance in Connecticut. 

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Maybe the best health insurance in Connecticut will be available through your employer. 

Insurance companies often make deals with employers to provide affordable coverage for the whole company. Depending on where you work, you might have access to employer-sponsored health coverage.

If your company offers sponsored insurance, it’s worth speaking with the representative at your office to see if their plan can work for you.

Private Health Insurance in Connecticut

Last, but not least, in our sources for Connecticut health plans are private insurance providers.  Perhaps you:
  • Need a health insurance policy for self-employed individuals 
  • Need more comprehensive coverage than is available through other means 
  • Do not qualify for government subsidized programs 
Whatever your circumstances, you can always turn to private insurance providers. These companies offer an even wider range of coverages that might suit your needs better than other options.  At the end of the day, the best health insurance in Connecticut is the plan that is right for you. 

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Short Term Health Insurance in Connecticut

Short term health insurance is not available in the state of Connecticut. While it is technically legal, when new restrictions were introduced in 2020, private insurance providers ceased to offer short term plans.

Open Enrolment Period in Connecticut

Because there are no short-term health insurance policies available in the state, it’s important that you remember the annual open enrollment period in Connecticut. This is the time of year where you can: 
  • Sign up for a new health insurance plan 
  • Make changes to an existing policy 
  • Cancel an existing policy 
The open enrollment period typically begins November 1st and runs until December 15th. Changes made to health insurance will take effect on the following January 1st If you miss open enrollment but need to make changes to your health insurance policy, you might be able to do so if you’ve had a recent qualifying life event. This includes a marriage, divorce, job loss, birth, etc. 

Finding the Cheapest Health Insurance in Connecticut

No matter where you find your health insurance coverage, there are always ways that you can save. And we don’t want you overpaying for insurance any more than you do. So, we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can save money on health insurance: 
  • Assess Your Needs: Oftentimes people waste money paying for coverages that they do not need. It’s important to sit down and carefully consider what exactly you need out of a health insurance policy before moving ahead to purchase one. 
  • Consult Experts: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: insurance is not fun. But there are crazy people like us who love it and know all there is to know about it. If you’re having trouble with deciding on your policy, speak to an agent. 
  • Shop Around: The insurance market is competitive, so companies are always trying to outbid each other. Don’t just take the first policy you see. Instead, get multiple health insurance quotes in Connecticut to compare. 
Health insurance is an important aspect in living a safe and healthy life. ConsumerCoverage is here to help you in every step of the process. Go ahead and get access to free quotes for health insurance here, so that you’re one step closer to getting the care you need, when you need it. 


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