High Risk Auto Insurance


High Risk Auto Insurance: What Is It & Am I High Risk?

Frequent accidents, DUI, DWI, multiple reckless driving or speeding tickets can all land a driver in a situation where their only option is “non-standard” or “high risk” auto insurance. While many companies do not offer coverage to people whose record makes them a poor risk, there are companies that will.  If you have lost your license, have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, high risk car insurance from reliable companies is available here.  Auto insurance for high risk drivers through ConsumerCoverage, helping everyone to Get Covered!

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SR-22 Auto Insurance

SR-22 auto insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility for drivers whose licenses have been suspended because of a more serious offense like a DWI/DUI or operating a vehicle on a suspended license and being in an accident.

Who Needs Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers?

Every insurance company has its own protocols and standards to determine which drivers require high risk car insurance. Quotes from affordable high risk auto insurance companies are available on many sites but at ConsumerCoverage we offer a number of companies that sell affordable high risk car insurance.

It is highly likely that you will require affordable car insurance for high risk drivers if any of the following apply to you:

DWI/ DUI conviction- Affordable high risk auto insurance may be more difficult to find with a conviction of this type.
Multiple Moving Violations- Particularly if they are accumulated over a short time span
Age - Young drivers with any tickets may find themselves classed in a higher risk category
Lapsed coverage or prior insurance cancellation
Poor credit and Poor prior claim history
Sports car or high performance vehicle
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Insurance Options for the Driver Designated as High Risk

Though many insurance companies will not cover drivers they deem as high risk, there are several reputable companies who will do just that.

ConsumerCoverage whose service is absolutely free, can provide car insurance quotes for high risk drivers. Keep in mind that insurance coverage of this type will not be inexpensive.  Complete our simple form and let us shop the best car insurance for high risk drivers for you!  We put the power of choice in your hands!

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