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Understanding High-Risk Auto Insurance

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High-Risk Auto Insurance: What Is It & Am I High Risk?

Frequent accidents, DUI, DWI, multiple reckless driving, or speeding tickets can all land a driver in a situation where their only option is “non-standard” or “high-risk” auto insurance. While many companies do not offer coverage to people whose record makes them a poor risk, there are companies that will.  If you have lost your license, have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, high-risk car insurance from reliable companies is available here.  Auto insurance for high-risk drivers through ConsumerCoverage, helping everyone to Get Covered!

Everyone makes mistakes, and unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes are expensive. Needing high-risk auto insurance is an example of how errors in judgment can come back and bite you in the bank account. 

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SR-22 Auto Insurance

SR-22 auto insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility for drivers whose licenses have been suspended because of a more serious offense like a DWI/DUI or operating a vehicle on a suspended license and being in an accident.

Who Is Considered a High-Risk Driver?

As mentioned, high-risk drivers are drivers who do not have good driving records—but the classification can extend beyond your behavior on the road.

You may be considered a high-risk driver and require high-risk auto insurance if:

  • You’ve received many traffic violations and speeding tickets
  • You have had one or more vehicle accidents
  • You have been convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence 
  • You’re a newly licensed and/or young driver
  • If you have no previous insurance or lapses in insurance
  • You’re a driver over 60 years of age
  • Your credit history is poor
  • Your car is expensive or very specialized
  • You need to file for an SR-22 certificate to be able to drive after a serious driving offense

How Long Does a High-Risk Classification Last?

Once you’re classified as a high-risk driver, that label sticks around for a few years—typically three to five. During this time, your auto insurance costs more money. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that with a little time and good behavior, you can work your way down to paying more standard rates. 

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How To Improve Your Driving Record?

During the few years, it will take for your high-risk driver insurance premiums to whittle back down to standard rates, there’s a lot you can do to support your good driver status. 

  • Be a good driver! This one seems pretty obvious, but it bears outlining. Obey speed limits, avoid parking tickets, drive responsibly. It’s really that simple.
  • Take a defensive driving course. Defensive driving courses can actually help reduce your premiums almost right away. Many of these courses can be taken online and only take a few hours. 
  • Improve your credit score. If your credit history is the reason—or part of the reason—you’re classified as a high-risk driver, then work toward improving it. Pay down debt and don’t accumulate anymore. 

The Cost of Auto Insurance for High-Risk Driver

High-risk drivers exist on a spectrum, so there is no one rate for high-risk auto insurance. Someone who is named at fault in a wreck, for instance, will often pay less than someone convicted of a DUI—around $1,000 a year compared to roughly $1,300 per year. 

Compare these rates to a driver with a good record, where the annual premium is around $660. 

Rates for high-risk driver insurance will also depend on how much coverage you want. Getting minimum coverage could save you a few hundred dollars, but it may not be worth it if you can’t afford to pay for any accidents out-of-pocket.

How To Get The Most Affordable High-Risk Car Insurance?

Not all auto insurance providers offer high-risk car insurance. Getting the most affordable high-risk auto insurance starts with getting the best quote. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top providers of auto insurance for high-risk drivers. 

We then match you with the best insurer for your unique situation, so you can get the most affordable high-risk auto insurance possible. 

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Insurance Options For The Driver Designated as High-Risk

Though many insurance companies will not cover drivers they deem as high risk, several reputable companies will do just that.

ConsumerCoverage whose service is free can provide car insurance quotes for high-risk drivers. Keep in mind that insurance coverage of this type will not be inexpensive. We put the power of choice in your hands!

Because high-risk drivers are more likely to get into accidents or have driving infractions. In general, these sorts of drivers are considered less responsible and more likely to make mistakes that will cost the insurance company money. As a result, high-risk drivers pay higher premiums.
Drivers with one or more serious violations, drivers with poor credit records, young or older drivers and drivers who have a lapse in insurance are among those considered high-risk drivers.
In a few years, usually three to five, depending on the insurer and what caused you to be classified as a high-risk driver.