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Auto Liability Insurance: How To Stay Protected

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Protecting Yourself with Liability Auto Insurance

Almost every state requires basic liability auto insurance coverage to protect you and another driver or drivers in the event of an accident that is deemed to be your fault. This form of insurance protects you from that liability and nearly every state has set a minimum coverage amount that you must carry. Auto insurance liability coverage is written to cover both property damage and injury coverage.

What It Covers?

A liability auto insurance policy covers you for damage you may cause to other’s property or injuries you may cause. It is usually divided into a property liability portion and an injury portion and while it may provide compensation for an injured party in your vehicle, it does not cover your injuries nor damage to your vehicle.

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Why Consider More Than The State Minimum Coverage?

While the most affordable liability auto insurance is the state minimum, you may wish to consider a higher amount. Remember, if the injuries and resulting medical bills are greater than the amount for which you are insured, the balance may be your personal responsibility. Many state minimums are $25,000 for property damage.  With vehicles’ average cost at $38,000, that $25,000 dollar figure is already $13,000 too low if you total another’s vehicle. Medical bills can easily exceed the $50-$60 thousand dollars required as a minimum in personal injury coverage as well.  Liability limits are often stated as 50/100 or 100/300 which would be $100k per incident & a maximum combined limit of $300k per incident in the later example.

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How Much Auto insurance Liability Coverage Is Enough?

Perhaps the best answer to that is to answer this question? How much can I afford to pay out of my pocket for damage and injuries to others? Own a home? Would you like to lose it to satisfy a judgment, risk wage garnishment? In considering this question, look at things like risk exposure that you may have. Like if you commute a long distance to work or drive your vehicle as part of your job. The difference in premiums may not be as significant as you think when you answer these questions.

Liability Auto Insurance Only?

Everybody who drives needs liability only auto insurance coverage to protect others and be protected by others who drive as well, it’s a public good concept. Most drivers of newer vehicles that are leased or on which there is a lien are required to carry collision and comprehensive as well, but if your vehicle is older, high mileage and no longer very valuable this may be all you need.

Best Liability Auto Insurance Providers

All auto insurance companies offer auto liability insurance coverage but not all companies will accept drivers for coverage who have poor driving records, a conviction for a DWI or DUI, or even something like a bad credit rating. That’s why it’s important to get liability auto insurance quotes from ConsumerCoverage where you can get multiple companies competing for your business. Companies that are some of the best in the industry. We ask for the minimum of information and protect it on a secure website that provides you access to multiple quotes which you can compare side by side.

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No. Auto insurance liability coverage only covers property damage or injury you cause to others in an accident deemed to be your fault. It does not cover you nor damage to your car.
Auto liability insurance only covers other’s property losses and injuries. “Full coverage” is a term frequently used to mean that a policy includes collision and comprehensive as well as medical and other possible optional coverages like towing for example. These coverages unlike liability which only covers other’s property and injury cover the policy holder’s vehicle and person.

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