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What You Need To Know About Getting Non-Owner Car Insurance Coverage

When you are not a car owner and are driving a car that you have either borrowed or rented, you may need non-owned car insurance. This policy covers third-party bodily injuries and damage to property that is caused accidentally. You are not covered by this policy and neither is the car that has been borrowed or rented. It is important to be listed on the car owner’s policy if you are borrowing it from a relative or family member.

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Time to Buy

What Is The Ideal Time To Get Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy?

You would need non-ownership car insurance when you are:

  • Using a car-sharing service: Get liability coverage over and above what the company provides when you go for insurance for non-car owners
  • Renting cars a lot: You save more with insurance for non-car owners compared to getting coverage from the rental company
  • Getting a driver’s license: It might be compulsory for getting or reinstating your driver’s license in some states for non-car owners
Here Is the Process of Buying Non-Owner Insurance
  • Provide your basic driving background information.
  • Get information about the different companies providing insurance coverage and their insurance rate quotes.
  • Select the company that is giving you the best deal.
  • Make a down payment to activate coverage. The amount needed will depend on the company and state.
  • Find out coverage details from the auto insurance company. Your agent would need your state notification number for non owner SR-22 insurance where applicable. This is not required by all states.
  • Either the agent will purchase your insurance or SR-22 will be directly filed by the insurance company.
Getting Non Owner Car Insurance Quote

Getting a quote for non owner car insurance is easy. To purchase coverage, basic personal information and your driver’s license number are required. We will recommend the affordable rate after a thorough comparison between a minimum of three to four quotes so that you can make a decision.

  • Liability Protection: Accidents come without a warning.
  • Preventing A Lapse: You should ensure that your car insurance is up-to-date when you don’t wish to own a vehicle for a certain period.
  • Short Term Cover: This will protect you for a temporary job as a valet.
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Non car owners insurance is advisable since you get liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection in the event of an accident.
Car insurance for non-car owner provides liability coverage that includes property damage and bodily injury. The legal liability arising from an auto accident that results in injury or damage to property is covered by liability insurance.
The only thing auto insurance non-owner includes is liability cover. The exclusions are towing reimbursement, collision, comprehensive cover, or roadside assistance.
Certainly, with auto insurance for non-car owners, you avoid costly insurance charged by the rental car company. The more frequently you rent cars, the greater the savings.
Making changes to your auto insurance for non-car owner’s coverage like adding or subtracting a driver or a car is hassle-free. Get in touch with our friendly representatives by calling them or meeting them in person at any of our local stores.
Missed a payment? Don’t worry! You will receive a notice and additional time for making the payment. However, if payment for non-owned car insurance is not received after this extended period, it will lead to the cancellation of your coverage.

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