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Considering Young Driver Car Insurance? Find Out How to Save

Getting a driver’s license and driving solo can be an incredibly thrilling time for a teenager, but high insurance premiums can dampen that excitement. So what sets young drivers apart from other age groups when it comes to car insurance, and the answer is simple, though a little reductive: risk.

Young drivers have the least amount of driving experience on the road, and as a result, are statistically more likely to end up in a car accident. Insurance companies need to balance that risk, which is why they charge young drivers higher premiums. 

Understanding what makes the best car insurance for young adults can help ensure you or your young driver is safe and covered at a price that’s reasonable, all things considered. 

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Car Insurance For Teenager Drivers

Car insurance for teenager drivers is a necessity, especially with their higher risk level.  As soon as a teenager starts to prepare for their driving test, young driver car insurance should become a priority. Young drivers can be added to their parent’s policy or they can get their own policy. It’s usually more cost-effective to bundle policies together. When looking for their own policy, young drivers should do plenty of research to ensure they get the best rate possible.

Tip: Have your teenager help to pay for their own car insurance. This will help them understand the responsibility of having and driving a car. 

How Young Driver Car Insurance is Calculated?

Insurance companies consider a wide range of factors in order to give you a quote, and it’s no different with teenage drivers. Providers will consider the following to put together a quote:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Driving record
  • Location
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle use

Because young drivers have little to no driving experience, companies can’t use a good driving record to help bring down their premiums. Insurance companies have to assume that new drivers are at higher risk and charge accordingly.

Once you get to age 25, however, and if you’ve maintained a good driving record, you won’t have to continue paying high rates for young driver car insurance.

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Adding Young Drivers Car Insurance

It’s typically more cost-effective to add a young driver to an existing policy, but there are times when it makes more sense for a young driver to have their own insurance policy. (Ex: if your teen owns his/her/their own vehicle, though some companies will allow you to add their individual policy to a parent’s coverage.)

It’s also important to note that if your teenager gets into a car accident or incurs a ticket, your rates could be affected too. All driving records on the policy can cause the premiums to be raised or lowered, so parents should do their best to coach teenagers on safe driving habits when adding them to their policy. 

Affordable Car Insurance for Young Adults

While young driver car insurance is higher, there are ways to save money and keep your teenager’s car insurance affordable. While adding your young driver to your policy can save you money, there are a number of other discounts teenagers can take advantage of. 

  1. Good student discount: Insurance companies recognize that students that maintain good grades are unlikely to be reckless teen drivers, so they’ll offer a discount for proof of good grades.
  2. Loyalty discount: Staying with one provider can lower your rates over time.
  3. Safe driver discount: By maintaining a good driving record, young drivers can start to reduce their rates. There are often even trackers young drivers can use on their vehicles to reduce their rates.
  4. Multi-policy discount: Having multiple drivers on one policy can net you discounts on the total premiums.
  5. Away student discount: Many students move states for college and need to maintain their car insurance even though they’re not driving regularly. Many insurance companies offer a discount in these cases.
  6. Safer vehicle discount: Skip the sports car and drive a safe vehicle. It will also help to drive an older vehicle versus a brand new one.
  7. Defensive driving discount: Some insurance companies offer a discount to those who’ve taken a defensive driving course.

Young driver car insurance won’t go down fully until they’re at least 25 years of age, but there are discounts and ways to save money in the meantime. Do your research to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to and when in doubt, simply ask the insurance provider for a discount. 

Free Car Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

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How to Get Young Driver Car Insurance?

Getting auto insurance quotes for teenage drivers will help you know roughly how much you’ll have to pay. It helps to compare quotes from multiple providers to ensure you’re getting the best possible rate. Almost every insurance company offers 18 year old young driver car insurance, although the terms can vary significantly between providers so it’s important to make sure you understand all the terms of a policy before purchasing. 

Keeping Young Driver Car Insurance Affordable

Car insurance for teenage drivers is high enough without added penalties. Keeping yourself or your teenager from causing the premiums to jump up is key. Whenever possible, remind your teenager of defensive driving habits and what to look out for on the road. Help them keep a clean driving record so that they don’t have to pay even more on top of already high premiums. 

You can also assist your teenager in choosing the right coverage and the right deductible to pay. Make sure they understand the importance of paying car insurance on time, as well as any other bills since credit history makes a difference in qualifying for lower rates. 

Get a free quote from the most reputable and affordable insurance providers for young drivers. We’ll match you with your best fit! 

The Verdict on Young Driver Car Insurance

Affordable car insurance for young adults is tricky to get, but not impossible. Comparing rates and taking advantage of all possible discounts will bring down your premiums. At the same time, it’s just as important to stress the importance of safe driving to your teenager in order to avoid traffic violations and car accidents in the first place. 

Getting a driver’s license and learning to drive is a thrilling time, but with that privilege comes responsibility, including paying for car insurance. Understanding young driver car insurance will help your teenager be safer and stay protected, all while saving you money. 


Young drivers are statistically riskier drivers and they get into more car accidents. Insuring them is a financial risk for companies, so they charge them higher premiums to offset that risk. Once young drivers turn 25, rates will start to go down for them significantly as they become less of a risk to insurance providers.

Make sure they drive safely and maintain a good driving record. Take advantage of all possible discounts and bundle policies.

It’s usually cheaper to add your teenager to your existing policy, but keep in mind any infractions on their driving record could raise your premiums too.


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