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When you bundle home and auto insurance with ConsumerCoverage, you enjoy great savings by getting all your insurance requirements under one roof. The multi-policy discount that you earn for bundling your different policies like auto, home, condo, or renters insurance makes these policies cheaper and more affordable. Getting a bundled quote from us is easy – just give us a call! Making comparisons between quotes can be done with a single click, allowing you to review your coverage and make decisions instantly!

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What You Get When You Bundle Insurance

Here are some of the benefits you get with ConsumerCoverage auto and home bundle insurance:

Whatever the coverage, savings are guaranteed
When all your policies are with a single company, you face fewer hassles with insurance
Making changes in the policies held by you can be done quickly
You get superior customer service from the best nationwide agents
Enjoy higher savings and a simpler life when you protect all your property with one company
Bundle & Save
Bundle Home + Auto Insurance

Factors to Consider For Best Bundled Auto and Home Insurance

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind before you decide on the best auto home insurance bundle:

  • Before you switch to the best bundle insurance, determine if the savings meet your primary goal of financial protection from unexpected events.
  • Switching to a home auto insurance bundle makes sense even when your coverage remains the same.


For a best bundle insurance, both policies with the same insurance company will be needed. If you are an existing customer of the insurance company, they will assist you in bundling your insurance policies.
Of course, it is! You'll find the best bundle insurance quotes online with the discounts offered by our website.
Yes, you can! If you add your auto policy today and your progressive home insurance later, the multi-policy discount will be applied to your auto policy.
Yes, it can, but remember that cancelling a policy from the bundle means losing your multi-policy discount. Talk to us, and we will help you find the best insurance to bundle home and auto.
The best time to bundle your insurance policy would be when you're buying a new home. Combine your homeowners' insurance with your auto policy to get a best bundle insurance for higher savings with a multi-policy discount.
The best insurance for bundling home and auto lets you manage policies easily and offers great savings. However, ensure that you get equal or greater cover compared to what your current policy offers before switching.

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Here Are Some Great Savings That Bundle Insurance Offers

You save time and money with the best home and auto insurance bundle. Bundling with us means a multi-policy discount in addition to our competitive rates for greater savings. The other benefits of bundling your policies with us include great ease of management since your policies are stored in a single place. 

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