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Great Discounts Guaranteed With Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

When you bundle home and auto insurance with ConsumerCoverage, you enjoy great savings by getting all your insurance requirements under one roof. The multi-policy discount that you earn for bundling your different policies like auto, home, condo, or renters insurance makes these policies cheaper and more affordable. Getting a bundled quote from us is easy – just give us a call! Making comparisons between quotes can be done with a single click, allowing you to review your coverage and make decisions instantly!

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Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

It seems like a no-brainer: Bundling your home and auto insurance can save you thousands of dollars in annual premiums—on average 25%—so why wouldn’t you do it?

Well, maybe you should do it, but having multiple policies with a single carrier does carry the risk of settling for a price that seems good (because it’s bundled, after all) but is not really all that great when compared to what other providers might offer.

So, deciding if bundling home and auto insurance is right for you will require a little bit of thought—but don’t worry. We’re here to walk you through the major considerations so you can make the best decision.

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What Is Bundling Home and Auto Insurance?

Before we get into why you should (or shouldn’t) bundle your home and auto insurance, let’s first be clear on what bundling home and auto insurance means. Simply put, when you “bundle” your home and auto insurance, you get both kinds of insurance from the same company. 

Most of the time. 

Sometimes, a company will bundle one of your policies with a policy from an affiliate company, which complicates things. You can’t just file a claim or deal with one company in this case, which eliminates the convenience of bundling.

Also, keep in mind bundling is not limited to home and auto insurance. You can bundle many different types of insurance, including life, RV, health insurance, and more—and not just for you. You can bundle multiple policies for multiple people residing in the same house.

How Bundling Works

When you bundle home and auto insurance, each insurance provider handles it a little differently. 

Sometimes you will simply have two separate (but discounted) policies under the same insurance company. Other times, your two policies will share a policy number, and you may even pay a single premium. 

The Pros and Cons of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

We’ve already touched on the main benefits of bundling home and auto insurance: It’s more affordable and convenient.

Sometimes, however, bundling gives you neither cost nor convenience. As mentioned, there’s the issue of providers bundling you with an affiliate provider, which will still give you the discount, but not the convenience. You will have to file claims with different companies and often, will have to pay different bills.

The good news is you can tell your provider you do not want to be bundled with an affiliate.

Then, there’s the fact that just because you’re bundling policies does not mean you’re getting a good price. You still need to shop around and see if you’re getting the best price for your specific needs. Believe it or not, in some cases—like when an insurer doesn’t specialize in the sort of insurance you need (e.g. high-end vehicle insurance)—bundling may actually cost you more.

This said, generally speaking, the pros of bundling home and auto insurance outweigh the cons.

Here are a few more perks of bundling:

  • Providers are less likely to cancel your insurance. If you have multiple active policies with them. This is especially helpful for owners of high-risk properties.
  • Save on out-of-pocket expenses. Bundled plans often mean you only have to pay a single deductible on covered losses to multiple policies.

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Tips For Getting the Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle

Just because a provider offers to bundle doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to save money. To ensure you’re truly getting a great price for the coverage you need, here are a few tips:

  1. Compare quotes. We’ve already mentioned you should shop around, but it bears repeating. Get at least three quotes so you can see how they stack up against each other. 
  2. Re-evaluate yearly. Prices change over time, and your coverage needs to change too. Just because you’ve been with a company for a year (or more) doesn’t mean you have to stay with them. Take another look around every year to see if you’re still getting the best price for your coverage.
  3. Notify your insurer of changes. Let your insurance provider know if anything has changed with your vehicle or your home (or whatever you have insured). For example, if you have a new security system for your home or a safety feature on your car, that could save you even more money, and it’s worth your while to let your provider know.

Further Considerations When Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Reading about all the benefits of bundling insurance may have you ready to get started right away. But it’s important to take all factors into consideration before making your decision. If you’re thinking about trying to bundle home and auto insurance, here are a few things you should know first:
  • Not always the best rate: While bundling insurance usually gets you discounts, there might be more affordable options available. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before purchasing a policy. Be sure to get home and auto insurance bundle quotes and while you’re at it, get online home insurance quotes and auto insurance quotes too.
  • Not available for everyone: The option to bundle home and auto insurance may not be available to everyone. Some insurance companies only sell one type of insurance, so they can’t offer a bundle. It’s also possible that your specific policy needs will disqualify you from bundling (such as if you have a high-risk home insurance policy).
  • Additional ways to save: You can save even more on your insurance by qualifying for other discounts offered by your provider (such as a veteran’s discount) and by increasing your deductibles. But be cautious when adjusting deductibles: you want to be sure that you can afford to pay them in the event of a covered peril.
  • Don’t get too comfortable: The insurance market is competitive, so it’s always a good idea to review bundled home and auto insurance quotes every few years to ensure you’ve still got the best policy. Significant lifestyle changes such as getting married or having kids are also reasons to re-evaluate your coverage.
Bundling home and auto insurance isn’t the right call for everyone, but it can make your life easier if you do decide to do it.

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Recap: Should You Bundle Car and Home Insurance?

In most cases, bundling home and auto insurance is a smart move. It can:

  • Save you money
  • Afford you the convenience of only having to deal with one provider
  • Make you less likely to get dropped by your provider, even if you make auto insurance claims or get tickets

However, there are possible pitfalls of bundling home and auto insurance. It may:

  • Give you a false sense of security, causing you to think you have the best price just because your policies are bundled. This is why shopping around and comparing quotes is a good idea: It will help you get a better idea of if you’ve actually scored a great deal.
  • Not account for niche insurance needs. Some insurance providers don’t specialize in certain types of niche insurance, like vintage or luxury cars, in which case, you may not get a good price from a bundle, and having separate policies from separate providers would actually save you more dollars and make more sense.

Whatever you decide to do, start here with us. We’ve curated a list of the best providers that specialize in home and car insurance bundles and we’ll match you with the best carrier for your needs. 

Request a free bundled insurance quote now. 

Free Home Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

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For a best bundle insurance, both policies with the same insurance company will be needed. If you are an existing customer of the insurance company, they will assist you in bundling your insurance policies.
Yes, but you’ll have to give the company you are leaving at least 30 days notice.
Yes. If you add your auto policy today and your home insurance later, for instance, the multi-policy discount will be applied to your auto policy.

Yes, it can, but remember that cancelling a policy from the bundle means losing your multi-policy discount. Talk to us, and we will help you find the best insurance to bundle home and auto from the get-go.

The best time to bundle your insurance policy would be when you’re buying a new home. Combine your homeowners’ insurance with your auto policy to get a best bundle insurance for higher savings with a multi-policy discount.

The best insurance for bundling home and auto lets you manage policies easily and offers great savings. However, ensure that you get equal or greater cover compared to what your current policy offers before switching.


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