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Auto Insurance

  • Does Paying Off Car Lower Insurance

    Does Paying Off Car Lower Insurance

    Does Car Insurance Go Down When a Car Is Paid Off? Find Out Now. Paying both your monthly car payment and car insurance at the same time can be a tough pill to swallow, and can lead to the understandable question, “is car insurance cheaper if you own the car?” The answer isn’t quite so […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 10-05-2022
  • insurance for electric cars

    Insurance for Electric Cars

    What You Need to Know About Insurance for Electric Cars There are plenty of reasons to switch to an electric car. But if you’re worried about insurance for electric cars, don’t be: electric vehicles have been in the market long enough for the insurance on electric cars to become much more available and refined.  We’ll […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 26-04-2022
  • SR22 vs FR44

    Difference Between SR22 And FR44

    The Difference Between SR22 and FR44: Here’s What You Should Know If you’ve been charged with a DUI or other serious driving infraction, you’ve likely heard of either SR22 or FR44 forms, depending on where you live. These aren’t types of car insurance, but rather certificates filed on your behalf to your insurance provider.  So, […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 22-04-2022
  • Difference Between Citation And Ticket

    Difference Between Citation And Ticket

    What Is The Difference Between A Citation And A Ticket? If you’ve ever wondered “what’s the difference between a citation and a ticket?”, you’re not alone. These two terms are both frequently used when it comes to driving infractions, so it’s important to understand what they refer to and how they’re used. Keep reading to […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 05-04-2022

Health Insurance

  • abortion covered by insurance

    Are Abortions Covered By Health Insurance?

    Does Health Insurance Cover Abortions? The Answers to Your Questions Here. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy can be a difficult topic, and it can be made even more difficult by trying to navigate insurance and payment for the actual procedure. It often leads to the question, are abortions covered by health insurance? Keep reading for everything […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 20-04-2022
  • Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health

    Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Services?

    Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health? Mental health is gaining awareness throughout the country, and it’s about time. After all, nearly one in five Americans live with a mental illness and it’s likely that even more are undiagnosed. Many people are asking the question, “does health insurance cover mental health?”, so that they can begin […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 28-03-2022
  • Health Insurance On Disability

    Health Insurance On Disability

    What You Should Know About Health Insurance on Disability If you have a disability, you need solid health insurance. If you’re worried about being able to get coverage or potentially paying higher rates, rest assured that you’ll get the coverage you need at the price you can afford.  Free Health Insurance Comparison – Save up […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 04-03-2022
  • Save Money on Health Insurance

    How to Save Money on Health Insurance

    How to Save Money on Health Insurance Now? If healthcare costs are starting to feel prohibitively expensive, you’re not wrong: in fact, the average American spent $10,966 on healthcare costs in 2019. But skipping insurance completely isn’t the right answer either: hundreds of thousands of families in America file for medical bankruptcy every year.  Having […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 11-02-2022

Home Insurance

  • what does renters insurance cover

    What Is Covered By Renters Insurance

    What Is Covered By Renter’s Insurance & Do I Need It? Renting is incredibly common. In fact, 2021 saw 44 million housing units occupied by renters in the USA. For many, renting makes good financial sense—until something goes wrong.  That’s where renters insurance comes in. It helps protect you and everything you own should the […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 29-04-2022
  • Can a Landlord Require Renters Insurance

    Can a Landlord Require Renters Insurance

    What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself as a Tenant Applying to rent an apartment or house can be stressful, there’s no doubt about it. Landlords can make tenants jump through a number of hoops in order to qualify for a rental, and one of those hoops can be showing proof of rental insurance. […]

    Jessica Fox 15-04-2022
  • Effective Ways To Stop Climate Change

    10 Easy Ways Consumers Can Help Stop the Climate Crisis

    How Consumers Can Help Stop the Climate Crisis “How can I help stop climate change?” is an increasingly common question. After all, consumers are on the hook for 60-70% of all direct and indirect emissions and our choices have a direct impact on the climate crisis.  But this is actually good news: it means that […]

    Hollay Ghadery 01-04-2022
  • Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

    How To Lower Home Insurance Premiums

    Are You Overpaying on Homeowners Insurance? How to Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums Your home is a major investment, and that investment needs protecting. Home insurance is a smart choice, but it can be expensive. If you’re looking for how to reduce your home insurance premiums, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 17-03-2022

Life Insurance

  • converting term to whole life

    Top Reasons for Converting Term to Whole Life Insurance

    What to Know About Converting Term to Whole Life Insurance If the term of your life insurance is coming to an end, you might be wondering what your next steps are. Most term life insurance policies automatically come with a conversion rider that allows for converting term to whole life insurance, should you want to.  […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 04-05-2022
  • Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

    Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

    How Does Whole Life Insurance Work & Is It Right For You? Most people like the idea of life insurance, but choosing the right plan for you can be overwhelming. Whole life insurance is just one of the many options for life insurance out there; we’ll dive into the advantages of whole life insurance and […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 08-04-2022
  • Convertible Term Life Insurance

    Convertible Term Life Insurance

    What Is Convertible Term Life Insurance? One of the main draws of purchasing term life insurance is that not only is it affordable, but you can also choose the term that suits your needs. What sets permanent or whole life insurance apart from term life is that permanent coverage lasts your entire lifetime.  It may […]

    Jessica Fox 23-03-2022
  • When Should I Get Life Insurance

    When Should I Get Life Insurance

    When to Buy Life Insurance When you’re young and busy getting a foothold in life, it’s easy to overlook important things like buying life insurance. Not to mention, who wants to think about their own mortality? But there are many benefits to starting life insurance early. Consider this: life insurance is about protecting your loved […]

    Jessica Fox 09-03-2022


  • medicare for all

    Medicare for All

    Medicare for All: What Is It? 27.5 million Americans don’t have health care. Why? Well, many simply can’t afford it.  The question then becomes: should America embrace “Medicare for All” so that everyone has access to healthcare?  And if so, what would universal healthcare look like? Free Medicare Insurance Comparison – Save up to 30% […]

    Hollay Ghadery 08-12-2021
  • medicare annual enrollment period

    What Is The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

    Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2022 Sometimes referred to as the Annual Election Period (or the AEP for short) or as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, the Medicare Annual Enrollment period is the window of time that you are permitted to join, switch, or drop your Medicare coverage. This window is usually between October 15th and […]

    Margaret Huntley 14-10-2021
  • medicare open enrollment 2022

    Medicare Open Enrollment 2022 Guide

    Your Comprehensive Guide to The Medicare Open Enrollment Period 2022 The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is for Medicare consumers to enroll, drop, or make changes to their Medicare coverage for the coming year.  You may also hear the terms: Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or Medicare Annual Election Period. These titles refer to the same time […]

    Margaret Huntley 06-10-2021
  • Does Medicare Pay For Covid Treatment? – A Definitive Guide

    Does Medicare Cover Covid Treatment?

    Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing, Vaccines, and Treatment? If you’ve been wondering, “does Medicare cover COVID testing and vaccines?”, you’re not alone. It’s a common question because of how widespread COVID-19 has become in North America. People want to know that they have health insurance to help protect them both health wise and financially. Find […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 07-09-2021