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Auto Insurance

  • sr22 insurance california

    SR-22 Insurance California

    What Is SR-22 Insurance In California And Do You Need It? Things happen. If you are convicted of a DUI, or you’re involved in a car accident without car insurance, then you may find yourself in a bind when your insurance rates go through the roof. The good news is that you don’t have to […]

    Jessica Fox 26-11-2021
  • how long do speeding tickets affect your insurance

    How Speeding Tickets Affect Your Insurance?

    Does A Speeding Ticket Affect Your Insurance? If you’re caught driving over the speed limit, you will be issued a speeding ticket. The consequences of said ticket will likely extend beyond just the fine and affect your insurance rates. Here’s a breakdown of exactly how that ticket may affect your insurance coverage.  Free Car Insurance […]

  • do parking tickets affect insurance

    Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

    Do Parking Tickets Affect Insurance? Parking tickets. No one likes them, but almost every one who drives has got one. You may receive a parking ticket if you park somewhere you are not supposed to, or do not pay the required parking fee. They typically cost between $25 and $200 and are issued by the […]

  • car accident insurance

    How Long Does a Car Accident Stay On Your Insurance Record?

    How Long Do Accidents Stay On Insurance? If you’ve been in a car accident, chances are your premiums went up. It might be a significant increase, depending on a few different factors, which can be frustrating and expensive. Luckily, it’s likely not permanent. We’ll answer the frequent question, “how long do accidents stay on insurance?” […]

Health Insurance

  • health insurance for part time employees

    Health Insurance For Part Time Employees

    A Deep Dive Into Health Insurance For Part Time Employees Health insurance is never a simple matter, but it becomes even more fuzzy when it comes to part time employees. If you’ve ever wondered, “can a part time employee get health insurance?” then you’re not alone. This is an important question that we’ll explore in […]

  • qualifying events for health insurance

    Qualifying Life Event For Health Insurance

    Understanding Qualifying Events For Health Insurance We know that the best time to get health insurance is during Open Enrollment. However, certain circumstances or “qualifying life events” permit you to get coverage outside the standard enrollment period. Not every event is considered a qualifying life event, so read on, and we’ll cover all the instances […]

    Jessica Fox 29-10-2021
  • insurance covered weight loss programs

    Understanding Insurance Covered Weight Loss Programs & How to Qualify

    Does My Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery? Weight loss covered by insurance is an important topic, now more than ever. With over 40% of adults in America considered obsese, finding weight loss procedures covered by insurance can be life changing. The good news is that insurance providers do want you to be healthier, because […]

  • health-insurance-subsidy

    Am I Eligible For A Health Insurance Subsidy?

    What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Subsidies? The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, requires all Americans to have some form of health insurance coverage. Some people are covered through their employer, and others qualify for federal programs like Medicare or Medicaid. All others are required to purchase their own health insurance […]

Home Insurance

  • homeowners insurance cover fire

    Does Home Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fire? Find Out! One of the most common questions about homeowners insurance is whether it covers your home and your assets from fire damage. Of course, all home insurance policies cover accidental fires, like a candle-caused fire. However, if you live in a wildfire zone, you’ll need to purchase specific coverage […]

    Jessica Fox 10-09-2021
  • Roommates Renters Insurance - ConsumerCoverage

    Renters Insurance With Roommates

    What You Need to Know to Protect With Roommates Renters Insurance? With the housing market reaching record highs, more and more people are turning to renting as the financially smart option. But renting isn’t risk free: Renters insurance can help protect you from theft, personal liability, damage to your belongings, and more. If you and […]

  • Home Insurance Binder - Consumercoverage

    Home Insurance Binder

    Why You Need A Home Insurance Binder? If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, chances are, you’ll need a home insurance binder. Issued by your insurance provider, a home insurance binder acts as proof that you have home insurance and that your policy covers what your lender needs it to cover. Pretty simple, right?  […]

    Jessica Fox 06-08-2021
  • What Is Loss AssessmentCoverage -ConsumerCoverage

    Loss Assessment Coverage

    Loss Assessment Coverage: What It Means & Why You Need It? Insurance coverage can be confusing, especially when it comes to your home. When you add in shared spaces that you’re partly responsible for financially, things get even trickier. Loss assessment coverage is a term you’ve probably come across if you have purchased or are […]

Life Insurance

  • increasing-term-life-insurance

    Increasing Term Life Insurance

    What You Should Know About Increasing Term Life Insurance? There is an exciting type of term life insurance available to applicants interested in having a flexible policy that increases over time, called increasing term life insurance. Consider increasing term insurance as a way to protect your beneficiaries from the rising cost of living by having […]

    Jessica Fox 30-11-2021
  • life insurance for 60 year old

    Life Insurance For 60 Year Old

    Getting Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60 There is no time like the present to investigate getting life insurance when you turn 60. Even if you are the picture of health, you don’t want to put off getting life insurance. There is nothing like finding yourself in need of life insurance and facing exorbitant amounts […]

    Jessica Fox 19-11-2021
  • term vs permanent life insurance

    Term Life Insurance vs Permanent Life Insurance

    Term vs Permanent Life Insurance If you think life insurance is as confusing as a Rubix cube, we can’t argue that it takes some time to wrap your head around it. Fortunately, we’re here to help simplify things so you can better grasp which life insurance product better suits your unique needs. Both products have […]

    Jessica Fox 08-11-2021
  • Life Insurance After A Heart Attack

    Life Insurance After A Heart Attack

    Can You Get Life Insurance After A Heart Attack? If you’ve survived a heart attack and it’s open your eyes to the benefits of life insurance, then be rest assured that you can still get a life insurance policy. However, underwriters will ask you many questions pertaining to your heart attack and current state of […]

    Jessica Fox 22-10-2021


  • medicare annual enrollment period

    What Is The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

    Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2022 Sometimes referred to as the Annual Election Period (or the AEP for short) or as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, the Medicare Annual Enrollment period is the window of time that you are permitted to join, switch, or drop your Medicare coverage. This window is usually between October 15th and […]

  • medicare open enrollment 2022

    Medicare Open Enrollment 2022 Guide

    Your Comprehensive Guide to The Medicare Open Enrollment Period 2022 The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is for Medicare consumers to enroll, drop, or make changes to their Medicare coverage for the coming year.  You may also hear the terms: Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or Medicare Annual Election Period. These titles refer to the same time […]

  • Does Medicare Pay For Covid Treatment? – A Definitive Guide

    Does Medicare Cover Covid Treatment?

    Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing, Vaccines, and Treatment? If you’ve been wondering, “does Medicare cover COVID testing and vaccines?”, you’re not alone. It’s a common question because of how widespread COVID-19 has become in North America. People want to know that they have health insurance to help protect them both health wise and financially. Find […]

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans - ConsumerCoverage

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare Advantage Plans – Advantages & Disadvantages Medicare is a federal healthcare program for those over 65 or those with specific health conditions. When you qualify for Medicare you have two coverage options: Original Medicare Medicare Advantage Plans Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospital care, while Part B covers […]