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Auto Insurance

  • car accident insurance

    How Long Does a Car Accident Stay On Your Insurance Record?

    How Long Do Accidents Stay On Insurance? If you’ve been in a car accident, chances are your premiums went up. It might be a significant increase, depending on a few different factors, which can be frustrating and expensive. Luckily, it’s likely not permanent. We’ll answer the frequent question, “how long do accidents stay on insurance?” […]

  • car insurance for 22 year old male

    Car Insurance For 22 Year Old

    Getting Best Car Insurance For 22 Year Old Male / Female There is nothing more liberating than being young and having a vehicle that can take you where you want to go. The only catch is that since you’ve only been driving a short time, you haven’t accumulated a lot of experience; as a result, […]

    Jessica Fox 14-09-2021
  • Difference Between Dui and Dwi - ConsumerCoverage

    Difference Between DUI and DWI

    The Rundown on DUIs and DWIs Every two hours, three people are killed due to impaired driving. When you drive impaired, you are putting your own health and safety at risk, as well as that of others on the road. Do not drive while impaired! In addition to the irresponsibility of driving while impaired, you […]

  • Get Car Insurance For A 21 Year Old - ConsumerCoverage

    21 Year Old Car Insurance

    What You Need to Know About Car Insurance For 21 Year Old? It’s no secret that young drivers pay more for car insurance. In fact, the average cost for car insurance for a 21 year old is $1,250 compared to just $716 for a 45 year old. Luckily, there are strategic ways to save big […]

Health Insurance

  • health-insurance-subsidy

    Am I Eligible For A Health Insurance Subsidy?

    What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Subsidies? The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, requires all Americans to have some form of health insurance coverage. Some people are covered through their employer, and others qualify for federal programs like Medicare or Medicaid. All others are required to purchase their own health insurance […]

  • Health Insurance After Death Of Policyholder - ConsumerCoverage

    Health Insurance After Death Of Policy Owner

    Getting Health Insurance After Death Of Policyholder Has Passed Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a loved one. If that loved one happens to be your health insurance policyholder, you won’t lose coverage, but you will have to explore other options. Fortunately, many health insurance options are available for you and your dependents (if applicable). […]

    Jessica Fox 26-08-2021
  • What Cosmetic Procedures Are Covered By Insurance - Consumercoverage

    Cosmetic Procedures Covered By Insurance

    Does Health Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery? Americans spend billions of dollars on cosmetic surgery every year, so it makes sense that you’d wonder if these procedures are covered by your insurance. However,  before discussing the various scenarios in which insurance will cover cosmetic surgery, we have to first understand what constitutes cosmetic surgery. Though often […]

  • Emergency Room Insurance Coverage - ConsumerCoverage

    Emergency Room Insurance Coverage

    Does Health Insurance Cover Emergency Room? As the name implies, Emergency Rooms (ERs) are for emergencies. They do not require an appointment, and offer life-saving treatments. You may transport yourself to the emergency room, or you may require transportation services such as an ambulance ride. The most common definition of an emergency that requires a […]

Home Insurance

  • homeowners insurance cover fire

    Does Home Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fire? Find Out! One of the most common questions about homeowners insurance is whether it covers your home and your assets from fire damage. Of course, all home insurance policies cover accidental fires, like a candle-caused fire. However, if you live in a wildfire zone, you’ll need to purchase specific coverage […]

    Jessica Fox 10-09-2021
  • Roommates Renters Insurance - ConsumerCoverage

    Renters Insurance With Roommates

    What You Need to Know to Protect With Roommates Renters Insurance? With the housing market reaching record highs, more and more people are turning to renting as the financially smart option. But renting isn’t risk free: Renters insurance can help protect you from theft, personal liability, damage to your belongings, and more. If you and […]

  • Home Insurance Binder - Consumercoverage

    Home Insurance Binder

    Why You Need A Home Insurance Binder? If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, chances are, you’ll need a home insurance binder. Issued by your insurance provider, a home insurance binder acts as proof that you have home insurance and that your policy covers what your lender needs it to cover. Pretty simple, right?  […]

    Jessica Fox 06-08-2021
  • What Is Loss AssessmentCoverage -ConsumerCoverage

    Loss Assessment Coverage

    Loss Assessment Coverage: What It Means & Why You Need It? Insurance coverage can be confusing, especially when it comes to your home. When you add in shared spaces that you’re partly responsible for financially, things get even trickier. Loss assessment coverage is a term you’ve probably come across if you have purchased or are […]

Life Insurance

  • Effective Ways To Make Affordable Life Insurance A Reality

    Effective Ways To Make Affordable Life Insurance A Reality

    How To Make Your Life Insurance More Affordable? One of the biggest complaints about insurance products is the cost. The good news is insurance premiums—like life insurance—aren’t set in stone. Fortunately, this means that if you take the time to shop around or research what your insurance provider has to offer, you can find great […]

    Jessica Fox 21-09-2021
  • Life Insurance For A Single Person - ConsumerCoverage

    Life Insurance For A Single Person

    Do You Need Life Insurance If You Are Single? Most discussions about life insurance revolve around leaving something behind for your spouse or children in the event of your passing. While life insurance is truly beneficial for families, there are some scenarios in which single people should also consider taking out a life insurance policy. […]

  • Life Insurance Death Benefits - Consumercoverage

    Life Insurance Death Benefits

    What Is a Life Insurance Death Benefit? Thinking about death while you’re still living may seem morbid, and it likely isn’t something you want to think about, but if you’re going to protect your family after you pass on, you should take the time to ensure you have the right life insurance. One of the […]

    Jessica Fox 13-08-2021
  • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need - ConsumerCoverage

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Really Need?

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Although nobody wants to think about their inevitable passing, the one thing you should be thinking about is protecting your loved ones from paying out-of-pocket burial expenses–and if you have a young family, replacing your income. Taking the first step toward buying life insurance for yourself means calculating […]

    Jessica Fox 02-08-2021


  • Does Medicare Pay For Covid Treatment? – A Definitive Guide

    Does Medicare Cover Covid Treatment?

    Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing, Vaccines, and Treatment? If you’ve been wondering, “does Medicare cover COVID testing and vaccines?”, you’re not alone. It’s a common question because of how widespread COVID-19 has become in North America. People want to know that they have health insurance to help protect them both health wise and financially. Find […]

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans - ConsumerCoverage

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare Advantage Plans – Advantages & Disadvantages Medicare is a federal healthcare program for those over 65 or those with specific health conditions. When you qualify for Medicare you have two coverage options: Original Medicare Medicare Advantage Plans Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospital care, while Part B covers […]

  • Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits - ConsumerCoverage

    Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits

    Understanding Medicare Supplemental vs Advantage Medicare Advantage is designed to be a comprehensive, all-in-one healthcare plan that gives you access to everything you might need to stay healthy and well, including hospital stays, doctor care, prescription drugs, and an array of non-medical healthcare services like vision, dental and hearing. These supplemental benefits can be highly […]

  • What Does Medicare Covers - Consumercoverage

    What Medicare Covers And Doesn’t Cover?

    What Is Covered And Not Covered By Medicare? Medicare gives people aged 65 and older access to basic healthcare coverage, but it certainly isn’t comprehensive. If your plan is to rely on Medicare as you get older, it’s crucial to understand what Medicare covers you for — and where it falls short. Keep reading to […]