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  • secondary health insurance

    Difference Between Primary and Secondary Health Insurance

    What’s the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Health Insurance? Believe it or not, you can have more than one health insurance plan. Which begs the question, if you can have more than one health insurance, how does it work?  It’s easier than you think to end up with two health insurance plans. These are some […]

    Jessica Fox 10-11-2022
  • EPO Insurance Plan

    EPO Insurance

    How to Find Out If EPO Insurance Is Right For You Understanding health insurance plans can be tough; with so many plan types, coverage restrictions, and unexpected costs, you can easily start to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry: if you’ve ever wondered, “what is EPO insurance and how does it work?”, you’re about to find […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 12-24-2021
  • health insurance for part time employees

    Health Insurance For Part Time Employees

    A Deep Dive Into Health Insurance For Part Time Employees Health insurance is never a simple matter, but it becomes even more fuzzy when it comes to part time employees. If you’ve ever wondered, “can a part time employee get health insurance?” then you’re not alone. This is an important question that we’ll explore in […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 05-27-2022
  • qualifying events for health insurance

    Qualifying Life Event For Health Insurance

    Understanding Qualifying Events For Health Insurance We know that the best time to get health insurance is during Open Enrollment. However, certain circumstances or “qualifying life events” permit you to get coverage outside the standard enrollment period. Not every event is considered a qualifying life event, so read on, and we’ll cover all the instances […]

    Jessica Fox 10-29-2021
  • insurance covered weight loss programs

    Understanding Insurance Covered Weight Loss Programs & How to Qualify

    Does My Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery? Weight loss covered by insurance is an important topic, now more than ever. With over 40% of adults in America considered obsese, finding weight loss procedures covered by insurance can be life changing. The good news is that insurance providers do want you to be healthier, because […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 06-28-2022
  • health-insurance-subsidy

    Am I Eligible For A Health Insurance Subsidy?

    What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Subsidies? The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, requires all Americans to have some form of health insurance coverage. Some people are covered through their employer, and others qualify for federal programs like Medicare or Medicaid. All others are required to purchase their own health insurance […]

    Margaret Huntley 02-11-2022
  • Health Insurance After Death Of Policyholder - ConsumerCoverage

    Health Insurance After Death Of Policy Owner

    Getting Health Insurance After Death Of Policyholder Has Passed Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a loved one. If that loved one happens to be your health insurance policyholder, you won’t lose coverage, but you will have to explore other options. Fortunately, many health insurance options are available for you and your dependents (if applicable). […]

    Jessica Fox 03-04-2022
  • What Cosmetic Procedures Are Covered By Insurance - Consumercoverage

    Cosmetic Procedures Covered By Insurance

    Does Health Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery? Americans spend billions of dollars on cosmetic surgery every year, so it makes sense that you’d wonder if these procedures are covered by your insurance. However,  before discussing the various scenarios in which insurance will cover cosmetic surgery, we have to first understand what constitutes cosmetic surgery. Though often […]

    Margaret Huntley 09-16-2021