Life Insurance Articles
  • Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

    Life Insurance For High Blood Pressure

    Understanding the Costs of Life Insurance for High Blood Pressure The Risks of High Blood Pressure According to a recent report issued by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), approximately half of American adults suffer from high blood pressure. Sometimes called hypertension, high blood pressure poses a risk to overall health and should be treated […]

    Margaret Huntley 28-06-2022
  • Life Insurance For Police Officers

    Why is Life Insurance Important for Police Officers

    Getting Life Insurance for Police Officers No one would argue against the fact that police officers have high-risk jobs. Law enforcement puts their lives on the line every day to serve and protect their communities, so cops must have above-average life insurance policies to protect them and their families. Many police officers believe their employer-sponsored […]

    Jessica Fox 06-06-2022
  • Life Insurance For 40 Year Olds

    Life Insurance For 40 Year Olds

    A Guide to Life Insurance for 40 Year Olds Don’t get us wrong, at 40 years old, you are plenty young. The last thing you should be worrying about is passing away. But it is precisely because of this fact that purchasing life insurance in your 40s is actually a smart idea and one that […]

    Margaret Huntley 20-05-2022
  • converting term to whole life

    Top Reasons for Converting Term to Whole Life Insurance

    What to Know About Converting Term to Whole Life Insurance If the term of your life insurance is coming to an end, you might be wondering what your next steps are. Most term life insurance policies automatically come with a conversion rider that allows for converting term to whole life insurance, should you want to.  […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 04-05-2022
  • Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

    Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

    How Does Whole Life Insurance Work & Is It Right For You? Most people like the idea of life insurance, but choosing the right plan for you can be overwhelming. Whole life insurance is just one of the many options for life insurance out there; we’ll dive into the advantages of whole life insurance and […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 08-04-2022
  • Convertible Term Life Insurance

    Convertible Term Life Insurance

    What Is Convertible Term Life Insurance? One of the main draws of purchasing term life insurance is that not only is it affordable, but you can also choose the term that suits your needs. What sets permanent or whole life insurance apart from term life is that permanent coverage lasts your entire lifetime.  It may […]

    Jessica Fox 23-03-2022
  • When Should I Get Life Insurance

    When Should I Get Life Insurance

    When to Buy Life Insurance When you’re young and busy getting a foothold in life, it’s easy to overlook important things like buying life insurance. Not to mention, who wants to think about their own mortality? But there are many benefits to starting life insurance early. Consider this: life insurance is about protecting your loved […]

    Jessica Fox 09-03-2022
  • life insurance for 30 year olds

    Life Insurance For 30 Year Old

    What to Look for in Life Insurance for 30 Year Olds There’s a lot to consider when choosing life insurance, especially when it comes to timing. You want to make sure your loved ones are covered should anything happen, but you also want to ensure the premiums and coverage fit your needs. If you’re in […]

    Lauren Lewthwaite 25-02-2022