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  • Effective Ways To Make Affordable Life Insurance A Reality

    Effective Ways To Make Affordable Life Insurance A Reality

    How To Make Your Life Insurance More Affordable? One of the biggest complaints about insurance products is the cost. The good news is insurance premiums—like life insurance—aren’t set in stone. Fortunately, this means that if you take the time to shop around or research what your insurance provider has to offer, you can find great […]

    Jessica Fox 21-09-2021
  • Life Insurance For A Single Person - ConsumerCoverage

    Life Insurance For A Single Person

    Do You Need Life Insurance If You Are Single? Most discussions about life insurance revolve around leaving something behind for your spouse or children in the event of your passing. While life insurance is truly beneficial for families, there are some scenarios in which single people should also consider taking out a life insurance policy. […]

  • Life Insurance Death Benefits - Consumercoverage

    Life Insurance Death Benefits

    What Is a Life Insurance Death Benefit? Thinking about death while you’re still living may seem morbid, and it likely isn’t something you want to think about, but if you’re going to protect your family after you pass on, you should take the time to ensure you have the right life insurance. One of the […]

    Jessica Fox 13-08-2021
  • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need - ConsumerCoverage

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Really Need?

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Although nobody wants to think about their inevitable passing, the one thing you should be thinking about is protecting your loved ones from paying out-of-pocket burial expenses–and if you have a young family, replacing your income. Taking the first step toward buying life insurance for yourself means calculating […]

    Jessica Fox 02-08-2021
  • Beneficiary Mistakes On Life Insurance Policy - ConsumerCoverage

    Beneficiaries Mistakes When You Choosing Life Insurance Policy

    Most Common Mistakes On Life Insurance Policy Life insurance mistakes are extremely common, financial advisers say, and can be devastating. You would be shocked to know how often your life insurance is either not paid out immediately, or not paid out to the beneficiary you intended. Here are some life insurance beneficiary mistakes, starting with […]

    Claire Smith 26-07-2021
  • Life insurance for HIV patients - ConsumerCoverage

    Life Insurance For HIV Patients

    Getting Life Insurance For People With HIV Everyone is entitled to life insurance no matter their current state of health. However, certain lifestyle choices like smoking or chronic conditions like HIV make shopping for life insurance more challenging as you have fewer policy options. And what life insurance policies you have to choose from come […]

    Jessica Fox 20-07-2021
  • Get instant life insurance quote

    Find Out How to Get Life Insurance Coverage

    How To Get Fast Life Insurance Coverage? Most people look into life insurance at one of two distinct moments in their life; when they have recovered from a medical scare, like an accident or illness, or when they have kids. If you are in the latter camp, you have the least amount of time out […]

    Claire Smith 17-06-2021
  • hybrid life insurance

    Hybrid Insurance Policies: Combining Long-Term Care Coverage with Life Insurance

    Why Do I Need Hybrid Life Insurance Policy? Around half of adults over the age of 65 will at some point require long-term care. Despite this great need, many adults in this age bracket do not have life long-term care insurance. Perhaps these adults underestimate their risk of requiring long-term care in the future, or […]