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  • Get instant life insurance quote

    Find Out How to Get Life Insurance Coverage

    How To Get Fast Life Insurance Coverage? Most people look into life insurance at one of two distinct moments in their life; when they have recovered from a medical scare, like an accident or illness, or when they have kids. If you are in the latter camp, you have the least amount of time out […]

    Claire Smith 17-06-2021
  • hybrid life insurance

    Hybrid Insurance Policies: Combining Long-Term Care Coverage with Life Insurance

    Why Do I Need Hybrid Life Insurance Policy? Around half of adults over the age of 65 will at some point require long-term care. Despite this great need, many adults in this age bracket do not have life long-term care insurance. Perhaps these adults underestimate their risk of requiring long-term care in the future, or […]

    Margaret Huntley 16-06-2021
  • save money life insurance

    5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Life Insurance

    Simple, Effective Tips to Save Money On Life Insurance When it comes to tips to save money on life insurance, there’s no shortage of advice out there. Everyone wants to save money but still receive enough coverage to have peace of mind.  We get it. It’s important to be protected without breaking the bank.  That’s […]

    Jessica Fox 11-06-2021
  • Reassess Life Insurance

    When Should I Reevaluate My Life Insurance Coverage?

    Life Changes, and So Should Your Life Insurance Policy? Life is full of changes, so your life insurance policy should be full of changes too. Some minor life changes don’t warrant a change in your life insurance policy, like dying your hair a different colour or finding a new favourite song. But some, more major […]

    Margaret Huntley 11-06-2021
  • Get Life Insurance Coverage During COVID-19

    Life Insurance and COVID-19: The Coverage You Need During These Uncertain Times

    How To Get Life Insurance Coverage During COVID-19? For many, life insurance has never been more top of mind than during COVID-19. It’s not always easy to think about these things, but understanding your coverage and gaining coverage can give you peace of mind and help you feel more secure during these uncertain times. Keep […]

    Claire Smith 09-06-2021
  • life-insurance

    Should You Hide That You Smoke From Your Life Insurance Company?

    Getting the Best Life Insurance As a Smoker There’s nothing worse than shopping around for life insurance as a smoker and finding out that your premiums are 2-3 times higher than nonsmoker rates. It may feel like insurance companies are being unfair to you, but smoking, unfortunately, comes with many health risks, so that extra […]

    Margaret Huntley 03-05-2021
  • life-insurance

    The Life Insurance Contestability Period

    What does the Life Insurance Contestability Period mean For Your Loved Ones? Purchasing life insurance is a smart way to help protect your loved ones should the unthinkable happen. It’s designed to help protect your beneficiaries financially if you suddenly pass away. But insurance companies also have to protect themselves from fraud, which is why […]

    Jessica Fox 30-04-2021
  • life-insurance-with-cancer

    Buying Life Insurance After Being Diagnosed with Cancer

    Can You Get Life Insurance with Cancer? Nobody ever wants to think about getting sick, especially with something as serious as cancer, but unfortunately, it happens. However, with all the advancements in medicine and an uptick in cancer survival rates, you can still get life insurance, even if you’re receiving cancer treatments. So if you […]

    Claire Smith 27-04-2021