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  • medicare annual enrollment period

    What Is The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

    Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2022 Sometimes referred to as the Annual Election Period (or the AEP for short) or as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, the Medicare Annual Enrollment period is the window of time that you are permitted to join, switch, or drop your Medicare coverage. This window is usually between October 15th and […]

  • medicare open enrollment 2022

    Medicare Open Enrollment 2022 Guide

    Your Comprehensive Guide to The Medicare Open Enrollment Period 2022 The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is for Medicare consumers to enroll, drop, or make changes to their Medicare coverage for the coming year.  You may also hear the terms: Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or Medicare Annual Election Period. These titles refer to the same time […]

  • Does Medicare Pay For Covid Treatment? – A Definitive Guide

    Does Medicare Cover Covid Treatment?

    Does Medicare Cover COVID Testing, Vaccines, and Treatment? If you’ve been wondering, “does Medicare cover COVID testing and vaccines?”, you’re not alone. It’s a common question because of how widespread COVID-19 has become in North America. People want to know that they have health insurance to help protect them both health wise and financially. Find […]

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans - ConsumerCoverage

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare Advantage Plans – Advantages & Disadvantages Medicare is a federal healthcare program for those over 65 or those with specific health conditions. When you qualify for Medicare you have two coverage options: Original Medicare Medicare Advantage Plans Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospital care, while Part B covers […]

  • Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits - ConsumerCoverage

    Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits

    Understanding Medicare Supplemental vs Advantage Medicare Advantage is designed to be a comprehensive, all-in-one healthcare plan that gives you access to everything you might need to stay healthy and well, including hospital stays, doctor care, prescription drugs, and an array of non-medical healthcare services like vision, dental and hearing. These supplemental benefits can be highly […]

  • What Does Medicare Covers - Consumercoverage

    What Medicare Covers And Doesn’t Cover?

    What Is Covered And Not Covered By Medicare? Medicare gives people aged 65 and older access to basic healthcare coverage, but it certainly isn’t comprehensive. If your plan is to rely on Medicare as you get older, it’s crucial to understand what Medicare covers you for — and where it falls short. Keep reading to […]

  • How to choose medicare plan

    Getting Right Medicare Plan For You

    How to Choose the Best Medicare Plan for You ? Sometimes having too many health insurance options can be overwhelming—just look at Medicare! Since there is no “one plan fits all,” having a variety of Medicare plans to choose from means there’s something for everyone. The bad news is that trying to figure out which […]

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  • Does medicare cover home health

    How to Get Home Health Care Through Medicare?

    Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care? Great news: Medicare covers at-home healthcare services. The thing is, there are a few complexities to understanding the extent of Medicare’s coverage of in-house healthcare services, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today: What home health care is covered by medicare? Free Medicare Insurance Comparison – Save up […]