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What Are The Safest Cities To Ride Motorcycle?

Safest Cities To Ride Motorcycle

Let’s say you’ve saved up enough money to finally do that cross-country travel you always dreamed of, and you’re wondering: what are the safest cities to ride your motorbike? Even if you’ve been traveling within your city confidently for quite some time that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good to drive through every city. 

While you’ll most likely stick to highways and expressways on your road trip, every once in a while, you will inevitably be forced to pass through a busy metropolis. You’d be surprised to hear which cities are safest for your journey, and of course, which cities are perhaps better to avoid due to the sheer number of their motor-vehicle and motorbike accidents.

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The Safest Cities to Ride Your Motorbike Explained

You’d think that traveling at top legal speeds on freeways would pose more threats to your safety, but the greatest threat to your safety as a motorcycle driver is in densely packed cities. The increased number of motor vehicles, more dangerous roads, and most importantly, the presence of pedestrian traffic make city roads the most dangerous roads for motorcyclists. 

So What Are The Safest Cities For Motorcyclists?

The safest cities for motorcyclists are Midwestern and Southwestern cities in the country. According to the rankings, the very safest city is Fort Collins, Colorado with a whopping 28.8% reduction to the average collisions by motorcyclists elsewhere in the US. Among other safe cities are Boise, Idaho, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Most Dangerous Cities for Motorcyclists

Compared to the Midwest and Southwest, the East coast contains a dangerously high number of the country’s most dangerous cities for motorcyclists. The single most dangerous city for motorcyclists is by far, Washington D.C. with a 109.3% increase in collisions than the national average, trailed behind closely by Baltimore, Maryland, and Providence, Rhode Island.

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Stay Safe on the Roads

Having heard all the information on the safest and most dangerous cities to ride your motorcycle through, you should also remember that motorcyclists are also more likely to get seriously hurt in an accident, compared to other drivers of vehicles. The reason is simple: there’s less protecting you. So, if you are planning a road trip, or if you live in one of the more dangerous cities for motorcycle drivers, be careful, and stay safe. 

Safety and protection start with getting insured —fully insured. If you only have liability insurance on your motorcycle, which is usually the bare minimum, consider getting collision coverage and medical payments coverage. Both of these plans will protect you more fully, not only against the harm you may do to others, but also against theft, and damage to your body or bike. 

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