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Affordable Family Health Insurance Isn’t a Myth!

Now at ConsumerCoverage, the home of affordable family health insurance plans.

If you need a plan that will cover you, your spouse and children and not break the bank full family health insurance coverage can still be found! Worries about what will happen should you or a family become sick or injured like how will you pay? What kind of care can you afford? All the what if’s can be alleviated with family health coverage plans.

Finding the Best Family Health Insurance Begins Here With an Assessment of Your Needs

What does your family require? Coverage to reduce the cost of doctor’s visits, prescription costs, sports checkups, liberal emergency medical care coverage? Speaking to an agent and assessing your needs can craft health insurance for full family that addresses all your needs. And can address the question; can good family health insurance at an affordable cost be found?

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Health Insurance Speak? Here are Terms You Need to Know When You Plan to Get Family Health Insurance.
  • Premium- the charge you pay to keep the health insurance for whole family in force. 
  • Deductible-the annual amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance begins to pay,
  • Co-Pay- A fixed amount you pay to receive  certain services. For example a Doctor’s visit may require a $15 co-pay at time of the service and may count towards your deductible.
  • Co-insurance- After the deductible has been met this is the portion of the bill you pay. For instance, many policies have the insured pay 20% while the insurer pays 80%.
Insurance can be complicated and a good agent like you can find here at ConsumerCoverage can help you pick the best family health insurance policy for your family. Giving you the coverages you need at a price you can afford.
Most plans require a monthly premium to keep the insurance coverage in force. Premiums can increase while the policy is in force and other changes can also take place but are generally done on an annual basis at renewal times.
The Affordable Care Act often called Obama Care requires that insurance companies not discriminate or deny coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition.
Secure website, asking only information that is needed and providing customer service assistance second to none is a hallmark of ConsumerCoverage and something in which we take great pride.

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