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Though an increasing number of employees are eligible for employer health plans, there is still a need for affordable individual health insurance. Perhaps you are not eligible, the plan is very expensive or too limited in terms of provider choice? Health insurance options for individuals are available here at ConsumerCoverage. With our selection of reputable companies, this is the best place to shop for and buy individual health insurance.

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You Have Options with Individual Health Insurance Coverage

Assessing your health care needs is a start. Have a trusted physician, hospital? Make sure they are in the plan.

What’s Included in Coverage?

Individual health insurance providers must, according to ACA standards, provide the following in all individual health plans. However, it is important to note that you are responsible to ascertain if your trusted providers are part of the insurers network or plan.

Outpatient care that includes physician’s visits
Emergency Room care
Pregnancy and maternity services
Mental health and substance abuse services
Prescription drugs
Services and devices for recovery
Laboratory tests
Preventative services like screenings,immunizations and birth control
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If you enter  your zip code here & complete our short form, you can receive individual health insurance quotes specific to your area & needs within minutes. There is no obligation to purchase but you can see and compare as well as buy individual health insurance right here.

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Open enrollment for ACA compliant health care plans begins November 1st and ends December 15th for coverage beginning January 1st of the following year.
Picking a plan under the Affordable Care Act has only three factors that impact rates: age, smoker/non smoker and location. All other costs are determined by your choice of insurance product. The insurance products are ranked based upon your exposure to out of pocket expense.

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A Final Word on the Types of Plans Available

There are variations of individual health plans as well as different levels. The following types of plans are available:


Preventative care is a strong feature of this type of plan performed within a network of providers and facilities. Out of network expenses can be high.


Preferred Provider Organizations provide more traditional services but offer greater discounts and deductibles to providers in the PPO.


Exclusive Provider Organization is the most restrictive plan offering coverage only in network

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