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Short Term Health Insurance: Check your Eligibility

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Need Short Term Health Insurance? You Can Find The Best Plans Here!

Short term family health insurance fills the gaps when you need them filled! Between jobs, missed a deadline for ACA coverage, or waiting for coverage to begin? A short term health insurance plan may be just what you need because they have,

  • Affordable Rates: To cover you up to a year when you need it
  • Peace of Mind: Short term coverage for health insurance can bridge the gap when you need it and requires no long term commitment
  • Flexible Policy Terms: Any period from one month up to 12 and you can cancel any time

Keep Yourself Safe With Short Term Health Coverage

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Short term Affordable Health Insurance Moves with the Pace of Your Life!

Life changes quickly and you may need a short term health insurance policy to keep up with those changes. ConsumerCoverage has access to those plans

  • Apply anytime, only takes minutes
  • You pick the terms from 1 month up to 12 in some states
  • Drop coverage without penalties after one month
  • Choose a plan with coverage, deductibles, out of pocket and copay expense that suits your needs
Best Short Term Health Insurance Policy? You’ll Find Them Here!

Deal with a company whose commitment to finding your health insurance for short term needs is a priority. Our network is unsurpassed and finding the right options and policy for you.

Family coverage?

Short term health insurance for families is available to cover spouse and children but remember all family members are required to meet the medical requirements.

Can I get coverage today?

Most health insurance for short term is available the day following application but you may choose the effective date for coverage and the termination date as well.

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Because these plans are not covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) pre-existing conditions and some other ACA mandated services are not covered.
Generally not though arrangements can be made to apply for another short term policy. Remember that any condition for which you may have been treated under the initial policy is now a pre-existing condition.
Short term plans offer many options, affordable rates, flexible lengths of coverage (up to 12 months in some states) and can be customized in terms of out of pocket, co-pays and deductibles.
Deductibles typical can be set at $1000 and co-pays and deductibles are based upon the short term policy for health insurance you choose!
If you need coverage for ER, urgent care or preventive doctor’s visits and don't have a policy under the ACA, are between jobs, retired but pre Medicare, or just coming off your parents policy and any other time when you need health coverage but haven’t got it can help!

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