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Bridge Coverage Gaps with Easy and Affordable Short Term Health Insurance

Short term family health insurance fills the gaps when you need them filled! Between jobs, missed a deadline for ACA coverage, or waiting for coverage to begin? A short term health insurance plan may be just what you need because they have,

  • Affordable Rates: To cover you up to a year when you need it
  • Peace of Mind: Short term coverage for health insurance can bridge the gap when you need it and requires no long term commitment
  • Flexible Policy Terms: Any period from one month up to 12 and you can cancel any time

It doesn’t take many trips around the sun to figure out that life can be unpredictable. That’s why short-term health insurance exists: To cover any gaps in your regular health insurance plan.  

Short-term health insurance can protect you when you are otherwise unprotected, offering you affordable rates and amazingly flexible policy terms as well as the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered should you need it.  

With these perks in mind, let’s take a deeper look into short-term health insurance so you can see if it’s a policy from which you may benefit.  

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When Should You Get Short Term Health Insurance?

  • Short-term health insurance is an ideal type of the policy during transitional periods in your life. Here are some situations in which you might want to consider this temporary health insurance.
  • You’re between jobs and don’t have employer health insurance.
  • You’re one of the 2.3 million Americans trapped in the coverage gap in the 14 states that refuse to expand Medicaid. In this situation, your income would be under the federal poverty level, so paying the full price for your health insurance is likely not going to happen.
  • You’ve aged off your parent’s policy, which usually happens at age 26.
  • You’re on a waiting period with a new employer.
  • You’ve taken early retirement and do not yet qualify for Medicare.
  • You’re a post-secondary student who needs insurance while in college or university.
  • You don’t qualify for an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Special Enrollment Period.

The Benefits of Short Term Insurance

There are many perks to this type of policy, and while it’s not for everyone—and certainly isn’t designed for anyone who is in poor health and needs robust coverage—temporary health insurance is an excellent and affordable choice for healthy individuals.  

Here are the main benefits:

  • You can have flexible coverage. Whether you want a plan for a month or a year, short-term health insurance can cover you.
  • No enrollment period. Get your health insurance, whenever you need it. No need to wait for an enrollment period.
  • Low-cost. Temporary health insurance can cost less than $99 per month, making it extremely affordable when compared to standard health insurance plans.
  • No waiting. Many providers start your coverage as soon as a day after you apply, so there are no prolonged waiting periods
  • You have a choice. Many short-term insurance plans will allow you to choose providers and services you know and trust.
  • You (may) have guaranteed renewability. While not all providers offer this benefit, some providers will allow you to get temporary insurance for up to three years, which allows you to secure your renewability—and peace of mind—for longer.
  • No penalty for dropping your plan. If a more permanent plan pops up, you can drop your short-term health insurance with no penalty.
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The Drawbacks of Short Term Health Insurance

As mentioned, short-term insurance is mostly for people who are healthy. This is one of the main drawbacks of temporary insurance plans.  Here are a few more you will want to consider:
  • Short-term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Temporary health insurance will only cover you for medical conditions you do not already have. Even if you manage to get coverage, if your insurance company finds you fudged the application and finds proof of pre-existing medical conditions in your medical history, they can deny your claim and even drop you as a client.
  • Short-term insurance is not comprehensive. You’re not going to get super robust protection with temporary health insurance. Routine doctor office visits, mental health and preventative care, and drugs (unless you’re hospitalized) are not completely covered, though you may get some degree of coverage.
  • Short-term insurance will not cover pregnant women. Pregnancy would be considered much like a pre-existing condition and you will not have your pre or post-natal health care covered under this type of plan.

What Does Short Term Health Insurance Cover?

This is a tough question to answer because the plans vary so widely. This said temporary health insurance plans will generally cover urgent and emergency care. 

To get a better idea of what short-term health insurance covers, start with a quote. We can help. We’ve curated a list of the best temporary health insurance providers in the country and will match you with your ideal carrier. 

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The Takeaway: Is Short Term Health Insurance Worth It?

Absolutely! If you qualify for it (are healthy with no pre-existing conditions) and have a coverage gap, then temporary health insurance is a perfect way to stay covered. 


Because these plans are not covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) pre-existing conditions and some other ACA mandated services are not covered.

Generally not though arrangements can be made to apply for another short term policy. Remember that any condition for which you may have been treated under the initial policy is now a pre-existing condition.

Short term plans offer many options, affordable rates, flexible lengths of coverage (up to 12 months in some states) and can be customized in terms of out of pocket, co-pays and deductibles.

Deductibles typical can be set at $1000 and co-pays and deductibles are based upon the short term policy for health insurance you choose!

If you need coverage for ER, urgent care or preventive doctor’s visits and don’t have a policy under the ACA, are between jobs, retired but pre Medicare, or just coming off your parents policy and any other time when you need health coverage but haven’t got it can help!


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