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A Health Plan That’s Good for You and Your Business

Health insurance premiums are expensive. An employer group health plan for your employees can actually save you and them money. Whether you are a large business with 50 or more employees and mandated to provide health insurance or a small business seeking to provide benefits like the large firms, having health coverage available for your employees is a real plus. 

Already have an employer group health insurance coverage? We can help with vision, dental, and hearing to expand your employee’s coverage. 

As An Employer, Who Is Required To Provide Employer Group Insurance?

Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act any employer with more than 50 or 50 FTE (full-time equivalent) employees is required to offer health insurance. A full time is considered to be an employee who works more than 30 hours per week. Group health insurance for small business owners with less than 50 full time or FTE employees are not.

Coverage Options For Employer Group Health Insurance
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How Much Of The Cost Of Group Health Insurance Paid By The Employer Must I Cover?

As an employer you are obligated to pay at least 50% of the employee’s cost to cover them-selves. An employer may offer family coverage options but is not required to pay the cost for anyone other than the employee. Optional coverages maybe offered but the employer is not required to support these with any payment.

Qualifying Documents

In order to qualify for employer group health insurance, a business must present the following documentation: Proof of location, proof of business type and payroll information. In general this type of information is available through a previous years tax information.

Employer Based Group Health Insurance

At ConsumerCoverage you have easy access to agents who can help you compare employer group health insurance plans.

Help with ACA requirements ensuring that the employer sponsored group health insurance you purchase will fulfill ACA requirements.

An agent will coordinate with your carrier to assure that all the people whom you wish to cover are offered the coverage you provide.

Free Health Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

No junk mail. No spam calls. Free quotes.

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Small Company Group Health Insurance at ConsumerCoverage

Several companies that can be accessed here will accept a group as small as two members. So small employer group health insurance is available here along with agents and other assistance for the small business owner.

Vision, Dental Plans Part Of Group Health?

No, but they can be added to most plans as an optional purchase for the employees. They are not a part of a mandated health care package so the employer is not required to contribute any of the premium costs for these.


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