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Hurricanes, Earthquakes and High Crime, High Risk Home Insurance

If you live in an area where these sorts of things occur or may occur, you may find it difficult to obtain a homeowners policy. These are a few factors that high risk homeowners insurance providers look at when evaluating whether to write coverage for your home.

High risk home insurance providers other considerations are; credit history, age of home, structural integrity, and claim history on that or other property you have owned. FEMA provides data to insurers about hazards such as flood or earthquake information. Hurricane and tornado areas are based on occurrence experience. Crime statistics are provided by both state and federal sources. However, for the past 20 years, the greatest losses have been brought about by storm damage.

If you find getting high risk homeowners insurance is difficult, 36 states, at last count, have a program called FAIR. Fair Access to Insurance Requirements is a government based program that will provide coverage in areas that otherwise might be difficult to find high risk insurance for homeowners. Fortunately, the states most impacted by weather all have such programs. There are other ways in which to improve your chances of getting a high risk home insurance policy. Improving one’s credit score, making repairs to a home’s structural issues, providing alarm systems in high crime areas, and making sure aggressive dogs are restrained or caged.

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Which States Are High Risk States?

The Gulf Coast states, as well as some Atlantic coast states, are considered high risk areas for hurricane damage, earthquake areas may require a bit more research as there are some places aside from California that are well known areas of concern. The occurrence of devastating wildfires in many Western states has also created high risk areas but fortunately, most states in the areas mentioned also have a FAIR plan in place.

So far we have spent much time talking about what are the causes for high risk home insurance and where those areas are but little about high risk homeowners insurance coverage itself. First, high risk homeowner’s insurance will cost you more than a policy on a comparable home not considered high risk. As with previous advice, improving credit, making structural repairs, adding alarm systems will all help to lower the premiums. High risk house insurance companies are available here at ConsumerCoverage. Get high risk home insurance quotes from a trusted source. Affordable, high risk renters insurance and high risk mobile home insurance available here too.

Earlier we mentioned FAIR plan insurance which provides for protection of the outside of the  structure from natural occurrences but does not cover contents. It has a liability component as well. It is a state run plan and costs vary by state but premium cost is based on many of the same factors  as other insurance policies and unlike an insurance company policy there are no discounts.  Like the high risk policy from an insurance company, FAIR policies are generally more expensive than a regular homeowner’s policy.

Contact your state’s insurance department to find out whether your state offers a FAIR plan. There are some restrictions that vary by state. Texas, for example, requires that you be rejected by two insurance companies for coverage before you become eligible for their FAIR plan.

Saving on homeowner’s policies regardless of risk factors is based on pretty much as the same factors:

  • credit history,
  • structural integrity, 
  • homes age, size,  construction materials
  • neighborhood, 
  • aggressive dogs, 
  • environmental risk factors
  • alarm systems 

Comparing quotes for homeowner’s policies couldn’t be easier. At ConsumerCoverage we can provide comparisons between several of the country’s best insurance companies so that you will clearly see whether the policies coverage is the same. Whether you need home, health, life or vehicle coverage we are your source. 

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