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High Risk Life Insurance

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Are you or any of the members of your family suffering from a life-threatening disease? Are you involved in some high-risk activities? Does your job require you to be in dangerous situations where your life is on the line? If any of these is true, opt for high risk life insurance policy without a second thought to secure yourself and your family

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What Does a High Risk Life Insurance Policy Cover?

A High Risk Life Insurance policy provides coverage that normal life insurance policies don’t. As such, premiums for these types of policies can be a bit higher so it’s important to compare companies. This can happen in three cases:

  • If you have chronic diabetes, cancer or other health issues that are preventing you from opting for conventional life insurance
  • A lifestyle full of drinking or smoking might make you appear as a high-risk candidate to some life insurance companies
  • Hobbies or occupations like scuba diving, mountaineering, or skydiving put you in the high-risk zones
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Navigating this special type of Life Insurance policy can be tricky.  Understanding this type of coverage and ensuring you get the best rate for it can be complicated.

We will match you with the best companies offering this type of insurance and your agent will help you understand what is available and guide you through the process. We’ve got you covered!

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Yes, it is definitely possible but you will want to be sure to ask your agent all the right questions to ensure you are covered adequately. It's important to know that coverage may be a bit more limiting due to you being high risk but it is still possible to get. You're on the right track by getting quotes and comparing rates.
Insurance premiums are determined by people in offices with very sharp pencils that identify a set number of risk variables that will then dictate your premium. Insurance companies can't just charge whatever they want. They have to file premiums with each state's Department of Insurance and get approval before they can charge you a premium.
An insurance company considers you a high-risk applicant depending on your lifestyle as well as health factors. The insurance provider disqualifies you from getting insurance or gives a higher rating only when he considers you to be a higher risk. However, it is quite surprising that not all health problems, risky activities or professions call for higher rates
Simply put, yes. However, with this type of coverage being a bit unique, we suggest you confirm with an agent when you speak with one. Also, we suggest you make a short list of those things important to you to be sure you get all of your questions answered.
A high risk insurance policy was created for those that have unique circumstances that would otherwise prohibit them from getting a life insurance policy. This type of policy will typically carry a higher premium but the good news is, you can still get covered.

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