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Why Buy a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

Whole life insurance provides a death benefit for the entire life of the policyholder, however, unlike most term life policies, it also has a savings component that accumulates cash value. This cash value can be accessed as a loan to pay expenses like an education or to supplement retirement income. Permanent or traditional life insurance policies are a whole life policy but not the only form of this type of insurance coverage. Several variations of another permanent life policy called universal life are also available.

  • Death Benefits: Provides a lump sum payment for the beneficiaries upon the policyholders death
  • Cash Value: Cash available as a loan against the policy for many uses including a supplement to retirement income
  • Guarantee: Guaranteed lifetime coverage at a level premium with cash value accumulation

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The Benefits of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

High Risk Life Insurance can be affordable if you shop rates and compare companies.  It takes only minutes to make an informed decision.

Looking for a life long policy with a level premium, guaranteed benefit and cash value accumulation that is tax deferred? Then a whole life insurance policy is something to look into. The best whole life insurance information and companies can be found here.

  • Level Premium, whole life coverage that can have the added benefit of a fixed rate payment made to you quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Premiums are level, term unaffected as you age or your health changes or declines
  • Cash value or dividends accrue as tax deferred income under present tax law
  • Dividends are available as loan, often at a favorable rate for any purpose you choose
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Whether one form of insurance is better than another depends on many factors. Your age and financial situation are just two of them. If you have the financial stability and wish to use a life insurance product to not only protect your family but assist in a comfortable retirement and accumulate cash dividends from which you can take loans for expenses, then life insurance for whole family protection is right for you.
Though whole life’s premiums are higher than a comparable value of term life coverage, they have the benefits of covering the policyholder for their entire life as long as the premiums are paid, accumulating cash value and level premiums for the duration of the policyholder’s life.
Two main forms of permanent life insurance are currently offered: traditional Whole Life and Universal Life. Whole life insurance quotes are available here.
Though more expensive than comparable term coverage, the added benefits of cash or loan values and the level premium are a plus for many.

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