Last Updated On: August 3, 2023

Announcing Groundbreaking Consumer Tech That’s Revolutionizing Customer Generation

Across industries, this new site is supercharging customer acquisition

ConsumerCoverage has set the pace to become the leader among online customer generation platforms. Combining their combined 50 years of experience in the industry with game-changing technological agility, this SaaS company leverages its unprecedented edge to secure solid leads for clients looking to refine and accelerate customer acquisition. “Right now, we’re seeing our technology reinvent the online insurance marketplace as our system makes pairing high-intent consumers with agents and providers in auto, medicarehomelife, and health insurance easier and ultimately more lucrative than ever,” says ConsumerCoverage CRO Marc Berry. “But we’re not limited to InsurTech. We’ve built our technology using an open-source concept so that virtually any business that relies on online marketing to generate highly motivated customers can use our tech and our generation methods.”

This is big news for companies that have been struggling to plug the leaks in their lead funnel and make increasingly strategic connections without spending more money.

In fact, ConsumerCoverage is earning a reputation as the most affordable and effective lead generation solution available, precisely because of its internally-built and managed approach to business.

“We manufacture and control our site and the technology used to manage and sell our service,” Berry says. “We also own the distribution relationships with our clients. This gives us a significant cost advantage over our competitors.”

The ConsumerCoverage platform features:

  • Total Package Tech Stack. It’s an all-in-one solution: technology, generation, distribution, agent network management, client management, reporting, and business intelligence is rolled into a single nimble and affordable tech platform.
  • Easy Set Up. In mere minutes, ConsumerCoverage clients can sign up for the service, set their criteria, and be on their way to achieving the next echelon of lead generation. Any questions can be answered via 24/7 live chat or email.
  • Instant Customization and Feedback: Businesses can take control over their lead generation, filtering criteria to attract only the clients they want while also harnessing the ability to track—and adjust—their campaign metrics in real-time for optimized results.

Since its launch in August 2020, ConsumerCoverage has garnered a 99% customer satisfaction rate by helping thousands of businesses start seeing drastic, measurable, profitable results from their lead gen. For companies that have been struggling through a slog of sluggish client acquisition, it doesn’t get much better than this. About ConsumerCoverage Founded in 2020, ConsumerCoverage is a SaaS company that connects their clients with high-intent consumers, using advanced technology and human experience to deliver unparalleled lead gen. The result is a next-generation platform that can better serve businesses looking to maximize their lead acquisition. Visit:

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