Last Updated On: April 25, 2023

ConsumerCoverage Agent Marketplace’s Free Lead Gen Guide is a Game-Changer for Insurance Agents

CCAM helps insurance agents see up to 5x more leads with less effort and money.

Since ConsumerCoverage’s Agent Marketplace (CCAM) launched two years ago, they’ve helped thousands of insurance agents take their lead generation to the next level—and they’ve done it while earning a 99% customer satisfaction rating. 

Now, this innovative team of insurtech experts has developed a free lead generation guide that’s giving insurance agents the intel they need to troubleshoot and fix some of the biggest, most expensive, and overlooked lead gen obstacles. In just a few weeks, the guide, 9 Reasons Your Lead Gen Isn’t Working (and How to Fix it, Fast!), has been downloaded hundreds of times. 

“We kept hearing agents express the same frustrations with the same lead generation challenges,” says Hollay Ghadery, ConsumerCoverage’s Vice President of Communications. “And we realized that a major problem was that traditional lead generation advice is too generalized to be super helpful to the insurance niche. Industry by industry, market by market, what constitutes a good lead generation strategy can vary. So, we used our years of experience in insurance-centric lead generation to create a guide to help agents see where they’re going wrong and fix it.”

Reasons Your Lead Gen Isn’t Working (and How to Fix it, Fast!) offers rare, valuable, and easy-to-understand insight into insurance-specific lead gen. Not only does it identify the issues, but it provides agents with a game plan so they can not only increase lead conversions but also improve client relationships. 

“You can’t undersell the correlation between client relationships and leads,” Ghadery says. “Strong relationships result in referral leads, which are basically the golden tickets of lead gen since referrals have the highest conversion rates of all customer acquisition channels.”

ConsumerCoverage made a conscious decision to nurture their own current and prospective customer relationships by giving the guide away for free.  

“The real value in this guide for us was the opportunity to connect with more agents and help them start to streamline and simplify their lead gen efforts,” Ghadery says. 

Download CCAM’s free guide, 9 Reasons Your Lead Gen Isn’t Working (and How to Fix it, Fast) here

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