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Find the Best Car Insurance After a DUI

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you were caught driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or another type of impairment. Obviously, this is a huge error in judgment and one that’s going to make it more difficult and expensive to get auto insurance.

However, it’s not impossible to get car insurance with a DUI. 

You can still get auto insurance after a DUI, but you’re going to want to keep reading so you can get a handle on what to expect.

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Table of Contents

Understanding Accidents and DUIs

Depending on your state, a DUI may also be called a:

  • DWI
  • OUI
  • OWI
  • OMVI

But all these charges mean that you were driving while impaired, and they come with similar legal consequences, as well as similar impacts on your insurance. 

Perhaps you were in an accident when you were issued your DUI. If this is the case, you will still be covered up to the limit of your policy, even if you were driving while impaired. But you will also still be subject to the same legal and insurance ramifications after receiving the DUI.

How DUI’s Affect Insurance?

The most significant impact that a DUI will have on your insurance is an increase in rates. Depending on your insurance provider, and on the state you live in, the increase will vary. You may be looking at anywhere between a 7% and 287% increase on your monthly premiums. 

For example, in Alaska, a first-offence DUI will result in a 49% increase in premiums. But in North Carolina, a first-offence DUI will lead to a 278% increase. This is a pretty large difference in price! Be sure to research the laws in your home state to know the specific impact that a DUI would have on your insurance.  

Not only will your rates increase after a DUI, but you will become ineligible for a good driving discount on your insurance indefinitely. This means that even after the DUI is cleared from your record, you will remain ineligible for such discounts. 

A DUI will stay on your insurance record for anywhere between three and 10 years. The amount of time will again vary depending on your home state. After that set period of time, without repeated offences, the DUI will be dropped from your record and your insurance rates will reduce. Note that having a DUI dropped from your insurance record is not the same as having a DUI dropped from your criminal record. 

Your insurer may also choose to drop your coverage altogether. And it is very possible that you will have trouble finding a company willing to insure you with a DUI on your driving record. 

These are some pretty serious consequences, and that is because a DUI is a very serious offence. Driving while intoxicated puts yourself, and others on the road in danger. Such reckless behaviour is taken very seriously by insurance companies. 

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Tips for Getting Car Insurance with a DUI

That said, mistakes do happen. And mistakes are what insurance is all about. Here is some advice on how to navigate your insurance after receiving a DUI: 

  • Comply with SR-22 Requirements: An SR-22, sometimes called an FR-44 form depending on your state, is a form that your insurance company must file for you after a DUI. It is essentially a statement of your reliability to maintain your insurance policy. Be sure to read and understand all the requirements of your SR-22 form so that you don’t slip up.
  • Have a Non-Owner’s Insurance Policy: A non-owners insurance policy is cheaper than an owner’s one. So if it is an option for you to be insured on a car that you do not own, that will help you combat the spike in rates after a DUI.
  • Don’t Let it Happen Again: Do not ever, under any circumstance, drive while impaired ever again. It is not worth the risk, and it is not worth the extended consequences. Because if you do get another DUI, you will be paying even more for insurance and facing even more serious legal ramifications.
  • Maintain Good Driving Habits: Besides just avoiding another DUI, maintaining good driving habits is another essential tip. While you will not be able to qualify for a safe driving discount on your insurance, driving safely will ensure that your rates will not be increased even more, for reasons such as speeding tickets, or at-fault accidents.
  • Consider Alternate Transport: Perhaps it is not necessary for you to be driving on the road. It’s worth researching what the cost would be to take public transport, ride a bike, or use taxis to get around. You may find that for the amount of traveling you do, it is cheaper to go without driving.
  • Look For Alternative Discounts: While your rates increase after a DUI, they are still eligible to decrease for certain discounts. For example, you could still qualify for a military discount, bundled discounts, good credit discounts and low mileage discounts. Inquire with your insurance provider about what discounts they offer that you may still qualify for.
  • Don’t Hide it From Your Insurance Company: Your insurance company will find out about your DUI one way or another. They may check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and notice your DUI. Or they’ll find out when you need them to file your SR-22 form in order to get your license reinstated. The consequences will be worse for you if your insurance provider finds out the wrong way about your DUI. So, it’s best to report your DUI as soon as possible.

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Last Resort Programs

While you have many options regarding how to save on insurance after receiving a DUI, you may still be unable to find an insurer willing to cover you. If this is the case, you are not totally out of options. 

Each state has “Last Resort Programs” (sometimes called “Assigned Risk Providers”) that offer insurance coverage to those rejected by most other companies. These government-run programs offer minimal liability coverage and are generally very expensive. It is best to not use them unless you have absolutely no other options. 

The Final Word: Getting Car Insurance After a DUI

Getting car insurance for DUI offenders is not impossible, but there’s no doubt that this blackmark on your record will make it more difficult. However, if you follow the advice outlined here, you should be able to find insurance for DUI drivers that’s not totally cost prohibitive. 

Start by getting a quote here. We’ll match you with an agent who specializes in pairing people with the best car insurance after DUIs.

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Auto insurance companies find out about DUIs when they are renewing or reviewing your driver’s license to issue you a policy.

Having a DUI will significantly increase the cost of your car insurance and may make it more difficult to get affordable car insurance after a DUI.


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