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Liability Only or Full Coverage Car Insurance, What’s the Difference?

Liability coverage only covers the other driver’s property and injuries to those other than yourself. Full coverage car insurance is a term often used, but you will not find a policy called full coverage from any insurance carrier. It is used to describe coverage that includes liability coverage and comprehensive and collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist medical payments and possible other options like road service/towing and rental car coverage while your vehicle is repaired. The latter, are all coverages that take care of you and your vehicle.

Standard “Full Coverage” Car Insurance, How Much Does It Cost?

While best full coverage car insurance rates will be considerably more than liability coverage alone, liability coverage does nothing to protect you and your car. Indeed, if you are buying a new car or leasing one the lender will require you to protect their interest with a full coverage car insurance policy. How much that policy will cost depends upon the year, make and model, as well as the location, your driving record, deductible and even your credit score. Currently the average cost of full coverage car insurance in the U.S. is $1427 per year.

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At ConsumerCoverage you can get access to multiple companies, obtain multiple quotes and compare policies to insure you get the best full coverage car insurance rates. Comparing quotes and options like bundling your auto and homeowner’s policies with the same company can help you save up to 10% or more. So if you need full coverage to protect your vehicle, start your full coverage car insurance comparison right here at ConsumerCoverage.

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Can I customize My Insurance Policy At ConsumerCoverage?

When you contact us we will connect you with a licensed agent that will assist you in making sure that your car insurance full coverage includes everything you want and nothing that you don’t feel you need. Our site allows you to compare policies so you never get surprised by paying for coverage you don’t want.

Financed Car’s Insurance Requirements, What If My Insurance Lapses?

You don’t want this to happen! The finance company will purchase a policy which protects them, called force placed insurance, but you’ll pay the bill. Experiences of a number of our customer’s indicate that they were able to purchase a policy for themselves which was far less expensive than the policy which the finance company was going to purchase and make them pay for. Need coverage fast, ConsumerCoverage.

When Is It Time To Drop Full Coverage On a Car?

There really is no simple answer to that question any longer. Once upon a time, a car that was 6-8 years old was a good candidate to drop full coverage car insurance. That is no longer true today and obtaining information to help can be difficult. Many people are shocked to find that the settlement value in the event that their car is totaled is far less than the value they read in an automotive price guide. So consider factors like age, mileage, condition and relative resale value of the vehicle when trying to determine whether to drop the full coverage.  

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