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What You Need to Know Getting Car Insurance in the Beehive State

Getting car insurance in Utah is a little less expensive than the average cost of car insurance in the U.S.A, coming in at $1,386 per year. (That’s 9% less than the nationwide average.) This is good news. What could be even better news—or far worse news—depending on a few personal factors, is that the average cost of car insurance in Utah is not likely to be the cost you pay.


Because insurance prices are not determined by averages alone. They are also determined by the very real and unique people who drive the vehicles a company insures. This means who you are and, most importantly, how you drive will affect your car insurance premiums more than any average. This goes for Utah car insurance, and car insurance just about anywhere.

So, what impacts the cost of your car insurance?

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Utah Car Insurance: Location, Location, Location

As we’ve already mentioned when we discussed how car insurance in Utah is a little cheaper than in some other places in the US, where you live can affect your car insurance rates. That goes for where you live in Utah too. There are simply some cities that cost more to insurance your car in, due to factors like accident and theft rates.

For instance, car insurance in Provo, Utah will cost you on average $1.674 and the same insurance in West Valley City will cost $1,839.

Other Factors that Impact Utah Car Insurance

The other factors that impact the price of your car insurance in Utah (and most other states) include factors like:

Your age. The young and old are statistically involved in more car accidents, and therefore, are more expensive to insure. 

Your driving history. If you have a good driving history, you won’t pay as much for insurance as someone with a history of dangerous driving.

Your discounts. There are tons of discounts for people looking for car insurance in Utah. Veterans discounts, military discounts, good driving discounts, multi-car and bundling discounts,safety course discounts, and even discounts for certain safety features in your vehicle can save you lots of money. Ask your provider about available discounts.

Comparison shopping. It doesn’t matter if you have been with the same company for years and love their service: this doesn’t mean you are getting the best price. We recommend people comparison shop to see if there’s a comparable policy at a better price every single year. We offer free Utah car insurance quotes and have been saving people hundreds of dollars—if not more—for years.

Get a fast and free car insurance quote now.

Your car. Some cars are involved in more accidents and/or are more expensive to repair or replace than others. As a result, the insurance is more expensive. For example, Teslas and Dodge RAMS are some of the most expensive cars to insure while Subarus tend to be less expensive.

Your deductible. Your deductible refers to the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in. If you pay a larger deductible, your premiums will cost less. So, someone with a $1000 deductible will pay slightly less for insurance than someone who pays $500.

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What Car Insurance Do You Need in Utah

Like all states, there are minimum car insurance requirements you need in place to legally drive in Utah.

You will require liability and personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to meet Utah car insurance requirements. This includes:


Bodily injury $25,000 per person

Bodily injury $65,000 per accident

Property damage $15,000 per accident

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

$3,000 per person

On average, getting just the minimum required insurance will cost you only $587/year (with the cheapest Utah car insurance coming from USAA at a mere $331/year), and while this sounds awesome, you have to remember that you get what you pay for. The coverages in the minimum requirements mostly protect other people who you are involved in an accident with—their bodies, their property.

It doesn’t really do a great job of protecting you or your vehicle. In fact, if your car was vandalized or stolen, or crushed by a falling tree, you’d be on the hook to cover the costs.

This is when comprehensive and collision coverage comes in handy. Sure, it will double your insurance premiums per year, but if you need the protection, you’ll be happy you have it. Getting minimum insurance and coasting by on vibes is a plan, but it’s not really a good plan.

Other policies to consider in addition to comprehensive and collision coverage include:

  • Loan/lease payoff
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily damage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage
  • Roadside assistance

What If You Need an SR-22 Form to Get Utah Car Insurance?

It happens. Unfortunately, many people need to ask for an SR-22 form in order to drive legally. And it’s not just in Utah. Getting an SR-22 can be an inconvenience, but not nearly as inconvenient as not being able to legally drive your car. 

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is not a type of insurance, but rather, a form you need to ask your insurance company to file so that you can prove to your state you have insurance. 

Why would you need to do this?

Because your driving history is less than stellar. DUIs, driving without a license or insurance, dangerous driving, and too many points on your license can all cause you to require a SR-22. 

And here’s the thing: when you have to ask your current insurance provider for an SR-22, you are alerting them to your poor driving history which unfortunately means one of two things will likely happen:

  1. They’ll file the form—for a price—and increase your premium. 
  2. They’ll drop you as a client without filing your form and you’ll have to look for insurance somewhere else.

If you need to shop around somewhere else, be prepared there may be an upfront fee. Or the new provider may not want to insure you. But rest assured, there are plenty of companies that will. It will just cost you more.

If you don’t have a car, your best bet is to purchase non-owner car insurance and then ask for the form from that provider.

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The Takeaway: Getting Utah Car Insurance

We’re not going to say that getting Utah car insurance will be fun, but we will say that it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated. Remember to shop around to get the cheapest car insurance in Utah that also meets all your coverage needs, and know what the coverage is you absolutely need, versus the coverage it would be nice to have. (Hint: making this distinction can come down to what you can afford to pay out-of-pocket in the event you are in an accident.)

Whatever you do, start by getting fast and free Utah auto insurance quotes with us.



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