Margaret Huntley Last Updated On: June 27, 2023

FR44 Insurance Forms: What You Need to Know?

You’d be forgiven for thinking it sounds like the serial number on the back of your modem, but it’s not: in the world of insurance, FR44 (or FR-44 insurance, or Certificate of Financial Responsibility or CFR) refers to a certificate that proves you have active liability insurance that meets or exceeds your state’s requirements for high-risk drivers. 

The “FR” in this case, is a short acronym for “financial responsibility”, and—strictly speaking—FR44 insurance is not actually insurance. As mentioned, it’s just a certification that serves as proof you are properly covered.

Who Needs FR44 Insurance?

If you’re been caught driving without car insurance or have been convicted of a serious traffic violation, then you will probably need an FR44 to get your license back.

However, you will not need an FR44 in every state, which isn’t to say that if you’re a risky driver, you will not need to provide proof of insurance in every state. But most states use an SR-22 form to prove you have the state minimum liability insurance.  

There are only two states in which you will need an FR44: Florida and Virginia. FR44 car insurance in Florida and Virginia has stricter stipulations and higher liability coverage than an SR22 and, more often than not, results in much higher premiums. 

You’ll need an FR44 in Florida after a DUI conviction. 

An FR44 in Virginia is required insurance after a DUI, if you seriously and permanently injure someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if you were driving while your license is forfeited from another conviction and if you’ve violated similar laws in other states.

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How to Get an FR44?

To get an FR44, just ask your insurance provider to file one for you. Your insurance company takes care of this because it is their way of guaranteeing the DMV (i.e. the state) that you’ve purchased the coverage you require, and as a result, you cannot file an FR44 form on your own.

Here’s the catch: not all insurance carriers provide an FR44 insurance form, in which case, you’ll need to find a company that does.

We can help. We’ve compiled a list of the most reputable insurance companies that provide FR44 insurance, so you can get a quote from us with peace of mind that you’re guaranteed the best coverage.

The Cost of FR44 Insurance

The cost of the FR44 form itself isn’t that steep—usually around $15 to $25. The real cost of needing FR44 insurance filed comes in the form of increased insurance premiums due to your high risk status. If you are convicted of a DIU, for example, you can expect your insurance premiums to increase by 90% to 300%, depending on your carrier and the state in which you live. 

That, and the fact you will have to pay upfront for six months of coverage—at least. This can be a hefty, consolidated expense.

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How Long Do You Have FR44 Insurance?

Starting on the day your license is suspended, you need to have FR44 car insurance for anywhere from one to four years, depending on your state’s law and the exact nature of your violation. If you incur more violations while you have an FR44, your FR44 requirement will likely be extended. 

You are required to maintain continuous insurance for this duration and failure to do so could result in your license being suspended again.

Getting FR44 Insurance Without a Car

Not everyone who needs to get an FR44 filing owns a vehicle. For instance, you could be using a friend’s vehicle—but you still need proof of car insurance.

You can get an FR44 without a car by opting for non owners car insurance. This policy provides liability coverage for people who don’t own a vehicle. This insurance will come in handy if you’re borrowing a vehicle, are in an accident, and found at fault. 

Just keep in mind that non-owner car insurance only provides liability insurance, so you’re only covered for any damage you do to other people and/or the property of other people. There’s no coverage for the vehicle itself. 

Obviously, this lack of protection is a downfall of non-owner car insurance but, since it’s cheaper than traditional policies, it is a good way to reduce your premiums while you wait for a violation to be erased from your insurance record. 

The Best Insurance Companies for FR44 Insurance

While most major providers will offer to file FR44 forms, the ensuing increase in premiums can be prohibitively expensive for some people. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider opting for a second-tier carrier. 

Of course, you should check the financial merit of your insurer before you commit. Or, you can request a free quote from us. 

We’ve curated a list of the top, most reputable insurers who offer FR44 filing at the most reasonable rates, so you can fill in a form here in minutes, and rest assured we’ll match you with the best carrier for your needs. 

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No, just Florida and Virginia.

No, FR44 is a certificate that your insurer provides the DMV to prove you meet the state’s required liability insurance for your driving record.

High-risk drivers in the states of Florida or Virginia who have been convicted of serious traffic violations, like DUIs.
That depends on your state’s laws. Typically, people require FR44 insurance filing for anywhere from one to four years. Additional violations will usually mean additional time.
The filing of your FR44 form will not usually cost more than $25, but having this form on your insurance record will increase your premiums.
SR22 is required in most states to prove that a person with serious traffic violations has the minimum liability insurance. In Florida and Virginia, there is no SR22 but rather, an FR44, which is required to prove you have additional liability insurance so you can reinstate your insurance.
Yes, you can get FR44 insurance via non-owners car insurance.


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