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Finding the Best Military Car Insurance

Whether you’re a veteran or still serving, military car insurance is an easy and affordable way to get coverage for yourself and your family. Being on the move, after all, is part of military life and you need to find the car insurance that reflects your singular circumstances while also giving you the rates you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you need to provide a car for your family while you are deployed or you’ve been transferred to another state or if you need to store your vehicle for a while: military car insurance has you covered. 

This unique policy facilitates specialized coverage and discounts for veterans, military members, and their families.

Military Auto Insurance: Things to Consider

The main considerations for individuals looking for military auto insurance coverage apply mostly to active service members. Because you may be deployed or transferred at any time and may need to suspend or cancel your car insurance, you are more likely to have a lapse in insurance. This can, unfortunately, lead to higher premiums and classify you as a higher risk driver

However, military auto insurance can provide military members with more affordable options. All you have to do is check with insurance providers and they’ll help you find the best strategy for your situation.

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Car Insurance for Active-Duty Military Members
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How to Find the Best Military Car Insurance Coverage?

The most effective way to find the best military car insurance coverage for you and your needs is to compare military car insurance quotes online. This will help you get a better idea of what rates are available to you, while also helping to get the military discount for car insurance. 

But don’t stop looking just because you’re getting a military car insurance discount: there are many other ways to lower your premiums even further. These are the same strategies that any driver can use to reduce their rates, and they can add up.

Strategies include:

Whatever you do, don’t settle! There are many ways to get the best military auto insurance discounts possible.

How Car Insurance for Military Members Works

Getting the military auto insurance discount is often as simple as requesting it and showing proof of your eligibility. Those who are eligible need to be in some way affiliated with the below groups:

  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Armed Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps

This can lead to military discounts on car insurance premiums, which can save you significantly over time. 

The discount itself will vary by provider and by a few other factors, such as whether you’re actively serving, whether the car is being used or stored, and more. Overall, active-duty members can expect a 10% or more discount for their car insurance premiums and often those of their families.  

The car insurance coverage itself is the same as standard car insurance. You choose the coverage and policy and receive a discount on your premiums. You’ll want to look for a coverage that includes: 

It’s also a good idea to include additional coverage like underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, as well as roadside assistance, to help save you money should anything go wrong. 

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Take Advantage of Military Auto Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers offer military discount car insurance to active service members and veterans, as well as veterans and members of the National Guard. In fact, some providers offer military personnel and veterans up to 15% off their car insurance policies.

It’s also important to check with your state for discounts. As an example, Louisiana offers a discount on auto insurance to active members and veterans as well.

Other possible discounts are available to individuals enrolled in a service academy, such as West Point, and if you are also a federal employee, you may be entitled to additional discounts as well, depending on the provider.

Whatever you do, be sure to compare military car insurance quotes online and look around before you commit. Taking advantage of auto insurance military discounts can save you a lot of money.

5 Steps to Finding the Best Car Insurance for Military Veterans and Members

Shopping for the best car insurance for military members can be challenging, but these five simple steps will simplify the process.

  1. Get Online Comparison Quotes. Get free online military auto insurance quotes, not only from providers that offer military discounts but also from providers that serve military members and families exclusively.
  2. Be Selective. After reviewing all your quotes, choose the plan that serves your needs the best. Sometimes, this will be the cheapest policy, but sometimes, to get the coverage you need for yourself and your family, it may not be. The insurance provider’s customer service reputation and their coverage options are also important points to consider.
  3. Get Your Papers in Order. Once you’ve selected your best option, gather your documents. You will need your ID and proof of your military service (like your military ID). If you are a family member of a veteran or active member, you will need proof of the service of your family member and proof of your relation to them. Your provider may require more information than this, but these documents are the bare minimum. 
  4. Submit and Wait. Submit the specified documents to your chosen provider and await final approval. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week.
  5. Drive Safe! When you receive notification that your policy is approved and is effective, drive safely to keep your coverage low, and yourself unharmed.

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Car Insurance for Veterans and Military Members: How Is It Different?

In some ways, car insurance for veterans and military members is not much different than car insurance for civilians, but in other ways—in the ways it matters—it is quite distinct. For example, in both cases, the insurance you are provided will depend on your driving history, but in the case of auto insurance for veterans’ families and active members, there are discounts and perks available.

Notably, some providers will offer a deployment discount, so once you show proof you’re being deployed, you can receive a discount of up to 15%. If your vehicle is going to be stored, you may also be able to receive a sizable discount off your premiums during the time your vehicle is not going to be driven.

Finally, if you are deployed and your family will be driving your vehicle, the provider can accommodate that—just be sure to let them know before you leave so your loved one is covered in the event something happens.

How You Can Save Money on Auto Insurance for Military Family Members?

If you’re an active military member or a veteran, you can save money on your car insurance for military families in a few different ways.

  1. Compare at Least 3 Quotes. To get the best idea of whether or not you’re getting a good price, it’s important to compare no fewer than three quotes from different providers. Be sure to ask for the same deductibles and coverage limits so you can see an even comparison. 
  2. Inquire About Discounts. Contact providers and ask about any discounts for which you may be accountable. Not only can you get military discounts, but there may be other ways you can reduce your premium. 
  3. Keep a List. As you’re comparing quotes, keep a checklist so you can make sure you’re getting all the coverage you need with each new quote. The list can also help you keep track of your discounts, so you can ensure you’re getting the ones for which you qualify. 
  4. Get a Multi-Policy Discount. If you insure more than one thing on your policy, you can save. For instance, you can insure your home, auto, motorcycle, and RV under the same policy and it will be affordable than insuring them all separately, with different companies.
  5. Revisit Your Coverage. Life changes can impact insurance premiums. If you’ve gotten married or had a baby, or moved, or if you’ve got another vehicle, it’s important to review your coverage and discounts to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Free Car Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

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If your car is old and not being financed, you’re likely okay to drop collision coverage and save some money on your auto insurance for military personnel. Be sure to speak with an agent to see how much you’d save. It’s important to know this because knowing how much your insurance would pay if your car was totaled will help you determine if the amount you’d pay insuring it with collision coverage would be more than what you’d get in the event your vehicle was a write-off.

Call your agent or, if you’re not currently with a provider, get some free online insurance quotes. It’s better to know you can’t afford the insurance before you get the vehicle.

Yes, your military auto insurance will cover you. This said, if you become a permanent resident of that state, you will need to get new insurance, a new driver’s license, and a new registration from that state.


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