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Looking for Auto Insurance in the Bluegrass State? We’ve Got You Covered.

Keep reading to find the best, most affordable car insurance in Kentucky.

Getting insured to drive in Kentucky isn’t difficult for most people, but it’s not going to be the cheapest state for auto insurance either. In fact, the average cost of car insurance in Kentucky is $1,879/year —that’s 23% more than in other U.S. states. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get the best price available. After all, averages are just that: an average or the typical value that most people pay. It’s a number that’s not necessarily indicative of what you will pay.

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Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Rates in Kentucky

The factors that affect the price of Kentucky car insurance are the same factors that affect the price of your car insurance just about anywhere. They include:

Your age. The young and old tend to be higher risk drivers, and therefore cost more to insure.

Your driving history. Someone with a squeaky clean driving history will pay less for insurance than someone who’s driving record is marked with infractions and violations.

The make and model of your vehicle. Some cars simply cost more to insure than others. For instance, a Dodge RAM or a Tesla is significantly more expensive to insure than a Subaru Outback. 

Discounts. There are numerous discounts that can be applied to your policy to lower the cost of your insurance, including a student discount, safe driving discount, multi-car discount, veterans or military discount, safety feature discount, loyalty discount, and safe driver discount. To make sure you are getting all the discounts you qualify for, be sure to talk to your provider. 

Your deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance starts fronting the bill. The higher your deductible, the less you will pay toward premiums. 

Whether you’ve shopped around. Shopping around for affordable car insurance in Kentucky is one of the easiest ways to almost instantly save a pile of money. We’ve helped save people hundreds of dollars a year with our comparison shopping. Even if you’ve been with your provider for years, don’t assume that it’s the best or cheapest car insurance for your needs. A few minutes shopping around could free up a lot of cash. 

Let us help. Shop Kentucky car insurance quotes with us.

The Cost of Kentucky Car Insurance

Now let’s get the question of the hour: how much is car insurance in Kentucky. The answer is, of course, it depends. It depends on all those factors we’ve previously listed, like your age and your driving record, as well as other factors like what city you live in (we’ll get to the cheapest city for car insurance in Kentucky in a bit. Keep reading!)

However, we can talk in generalities to give you an idea of what you might pay, under certain circumstances. 

The average cost of Kentucky car insurance is $1,879/year for full coverage. However, car insurance can go as low as $1,518 for full coverage, which is offered by Auto-Owners Insurance.

We are talking about full coverage insurance here though, and full coverage is not what you need to get (though it is undeniably nice to have, since it includes collision and comprehensive, which will protect you if you are in an accident or if your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by inclement weather).

Get quotes on full coverage auto insurance in Kentucky here with us. They’re fast and free and from the nation’s top trusted providers.

What you need to have is the legally required minimum auto insurance in Kentucky, and that’s not full coverage. 

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Kentucky Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

In Kentucky, you are required to have liability and personal injury protection at the following levels:

Bodily Injury $25,000/person

Bodily Injury $50,000/accident

Property Damage $25,000/accident 

Once again, if you want more protection–namely, protection for you–consider comprehensive and collision insurance. Yes, this costs more (about $1,718 if your policy has a $1,000 deductible) but if you need it, you’ll be glad to have it. 

Other types of coverage to consider are:

  • Loan or lease payoff
  • Guest personal injury protection
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured motorist property damage
  • Additional personal injury protection
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury

Kentucky is a No-Fault State

What does this mean?It means that the insurance laws in Kentucky stipulate that drivers have to carry their own insurance and their insurance company covers the cost of any claims, no matter who is to blame.

Being a no-fault state also means that drivers in accidents are guaranteed medical attention immediately. 

What's the Cheapest Car Insurance in Kentucky

If you are just aiming to get minimum state requirements, then you can pay as little as $454/year for Kentucky auto insurance when you sign with Kentucky Farm Bureau.

The next cheapest car insurance in Kentucky is USAA ($491), State Farm ($584), GEICO ($893), Progressive ($922), and Allstate ($1,518).

All these estimates are subject to change, of course. The only way to know what the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky is for you is to get a quote. We offer fast and free quotes, so get yours today and start saving.

The Cheapest City in Kentucky for Car Insurance

Smaller towns and cities tend to be less expensive places to insure your vehicle. For instance Fort Thomas is the cheapest place for car insurance and Saul is the most expensive. 

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Other Important Things to Know About Kentucky Car Insurance

Kentucky car insurance doesn’t require that you have an SR-22 form if you’re a driver with a serious offense. While this is a nice bit of paperwork to be spared, you can still expect to have to

The Takeaway: Car Insurance in Kentucky

Car insurance in Kentucky is undoubtedly more expensive than other states, and being a no-fault state is a primary reason why. If your car insurance provider is going to cover you, even if you’re at fault, that means premiums are going to be pricier. 

But, the tradeoff is that you’re going to be taken care of. 

If you want the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky at the best price, one of the best strategies is to shop around and compare. Don’t assume your first offer is the best. It can end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year.

We’ve got you covered. Let us help with fast and free quotes from the nation’s top providers.

Free Car Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

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