The Biggest (and Most Dangerous) Motorcycle Safety Myths
Lauren Lewthwaite Last Updated On: December 6, 2022

What Are The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Safety Myths

Most Dangerous Motorcycle Safety Myths

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a licensed motorcycle driver for days or years. Regardless of your level of experience, there are certain motorcycle myths that both riders of motorcycles, and those driving alongside them on busy roads, hear on repeat.

Like many other myths, some are motorcycle myths are based in truth whereas others are far more fictional. We’re here today to bring these myths to light and see which of them hold true. Differentiating between fact and fiction can help us all be safer, more informed drivers. 

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The Most Common Motorcycle Myths

  1. Leather Lies.
    If you’ve seen motorcyclists and their various representations in the media, you may think wearing leather jackets is a personal choice just to appear cooler. But leather is actually safety gear. This material is extremely resilient and protects cyclists from cuts and abrasions as well as acting as a good insulator.


  2. Helmets Restrict Vision.
    Some people say wearing a full-face helmet will restrict your vision and pose dangers while riding at high speeds, but what if we were to tell you that all helmets provide a minimum 210-degree view and protect your eyes against dust, bugs, wind, and debris?


  3. Safe Things in Small Packages.
    Large bikes are often favored by new riders, who see a certain safety in their heavy frame. However, their heavy frames and higher torque mean they are much harder to maneuver and control in dangerous situations, making them much more dangerous than middleweight bikes.


  4. Exhausting Myth.
    Some people claim that loud exhaust pipes are useful since the increased noise will notify nearby motorists and make sure they are safely maneuvering around the motorcyclists. What many people don’t realize is the loud noise is most apparent to the vehicle directly behind the motorcycle—people who already see the bike.  The drivers who need to see the bike—those to the front and side, where the bike is most vulnerable—don’t hear or benefit from the noise.


  5. Liability is enough.
    Because liability insurance is the only insurance required by some states, many motorcyclists assume it’s all they need. In fact, liability only covers damage you do to other people or property. It doesn’t cover damage done to you or your property. If you only have liability insurance, now’s the time to get a free insurance quote for collision and medical payment insurance.


  6. Highway Safety.
    While highways see higher speeds than city streets, they are far safer. Highways have little to no traffic and have physical dividers between lanes that prevent head-on collisions—unlike busy city roads.


  7. Lie Down and Wait.
    While it may sound absurd, some seasoned riders promote the dangerous idea that when an accident is imminent, the safest thing to do is to lay down on the asphalt, while in fact, the last place you’d want to be in an accident, is to be on the ground, where you can get hurt the easiest.

You know what they say: knowledge is power. Now that we have discussed and debunked these common motorcycle safety myths, use this intel to go out there, and make safer choices. 

Free Motorcycle Insurance Comparison - Save up to 30%

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