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Homeowners Liability Coverage Is a Part of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners liability insurance provides protection against lawsuits and injury claims by individuals hurt on your property. It is a component of your homeowners/renters insurance package that also includes coverage of your home, possessions and any other structures on your property.

Liability protection covers you for what happens to others when they are on your property.

It does not cover injury or liability protection against suits from a family member but if your dog bites a neighbor, your child injures another child on your property, then homeowners liability coverage generally picks up the tab.

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Homeowners Insurance Liability Coverage

Protects you from financial loss because the nature of lawsuits is that all your property and financial aspects come into play and the liability coverage prevents them from forcing you to liquidate assets in order to pay a settlement.

Personal Liability Home Insurance Doesn’t Protect You If

A family member slips on your icy sidewalk, your child breaks a window in your house, it only covers accidents and injuries to others In order to assure you of protection under the homeowners liability protection.

  • Homeowners must keep their property safe, even for trespassers
  • A homeowner may be liable for any unrepaired dangerous conditions
  • Responsibility for everything from slippery walkways to leaving tools, ladders, and equipment out that cause harm to a visitor
  • Responsible for actions of pets; some companies will not provide coverage to owners of high risk “bully breeds”.

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How Much Home Liability Insurance Do I Need?

Most standard homeowners packages contain a $300,000 liability limit. Many insurance professionals recommend raising that to $500,000 or suggest you consider an umbrella policy to increase your personal liability coverage on your homeowners policy  to assure adequate coverage in what is an increasingly litigious society.If you have other assets you wish to protect, a higher limit, though it will cost you more may be advisable. Have a dog, tree house in the back yard or a hazard that you recognize could cause personal injury? Consider purchasing additional protection for yourself.

ConsumerCoverage is a source for house liability insurance coverage 

We have a number of insurance companies available to help with crafting a homeowners/renters policy to protect you and your investment from losses due to accidents to others that happen on your property.

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