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Protect your personal property with a renters insurance policy, get your low-cost renters insurance quote today. A renters insurance policy will cover your personal property, such as TV’s, furniture and bicycles both in your home and away. Renters insurance even extends to persona items in your vehicle as those types of things are typically not covered by your car insurance. Get Covered, get your free quote today!

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Protect Your
Personal Property

Your landlords property owner policy won't cover your stuff

Liability Coverage
for Occupants

Coverage in the event of a claim for injury or damage to others property in your apartment.

Temporary Housing Coverage

If your apartment is damaged and unlivable, a renters policy may provide for temporary housing
What is Covered

Why you may want a Renters Insurance Policy

Typically a rental will not extend insurance coverage to tenants for personal property unless damaged by a loss covered by the owners policy. In addition, items in your car are not covered by your car insurance but can be covered by your renters policy.

Some key things a renters insurance policy may cover

Protection for your personal items can be quite affordable. Below is a list of some items your renters policy may cover:

Electronics and home appliances (TV, Computers, Bikes, etc)
Clothing and furniture items
Damage to other peoples property while in your home in the even of a covered loss
Coverage for injuries to others (up to your policy limits) while in your premises during a covered loss.
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If you rent your residence vs purchase it, you are a candidate for a renters insurance policy. Your landlords insurance policy likely won't cover your personal property from damage or theft unless it is caused by a loss that your landlords policy is covering. Even then there may be exclusions.
Typically a renters policy won't cover damage to your actual rented residence, water damage caused by flooding or underground water, or damage from earthquakes or other earth movements
Yes, they are different in that a Landlord's insurance policy will cover his/her building(s) resulting from a covered loss. Your Landlord's policy will likely not cover your personal items
Likely renters insurance will not cover damages to your personal property resulting from a flood. However, all companies and policies vary so be sure to ask your agent.
A renters insurance policy will cover your personal property due to damage or theft and use either a Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value method to determine value. Each policy and company is different so please ask your agent for more details.
The answer to this question is different for each person. We suggest you make a detailed list of your personal items both in your home and in your car and then assign a value to those items. Once you have this it will be easier to determine how much coverage you may need.

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