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Affordable Option

For Affordability, There Is Term Life Insurance

A term life insurance policy is one of the most affordable types of life insurance. Bought for a stated length of time, this insurance can offer low cost, high dollar value protection for an individual desiring to protect loved ones during child rearing years, the life of a mortgage or other significant debt. With ConsumerCoverage you can receive a Term Life insurance quote and potentially even potentially purchase online.

How Much is Enough?

A term life insurance policy will cover you for years to come so it is wise to think into the future and provide protection for what you can anticipate your life will throw at you. Life changes and so will your needs but it is still possible to project ahead get the coverage you need.

Protect Your Family With Term Life Insurance

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Affordable Term Life Insurance

A straightforward product that covers an insured for a specific amount and a specific period of time at a level premium that never varies.

If you need affordable coverage to protect loved ones during child rearing years, cover a mortgage or other debt, indeed for any purpose that has a foreseeable end, then a term life insurance policy may be right for you.

Term Life Insurance Online

At ConsumerCoverage, we specialize in getting you the best term life insurance quotes from the best companies. Quickly, easily and in a format so that you can compare the offerings from some of the best term life insurance providers side by side.

Term Life vs. Whole Life?

Affordable term life insurance lacks the accumulated cash value benefits and lifelong coverage of a whole life policy but for a specific time period it is available for a higher benefit amount at a considerably lower premium. So it is primarily a difference of insurance for investment and income protection versus insurance for income protection alone.

Types of Term Life Insurance

Though more straightforward than Whole and Universal life policies, there are nonetheless some different types of Term Life insurance to choose from.

  1. Level Premium Term Life: Exactly how it sounds, specific dollar amount, specific timer(time) and level (same) premium
  2. Renewable Term Life: A policy that allows you to renew at the end of term but does not necessarily renew at the original premium
  3. Decreasing Term Life: Often used for mortgage payoff protection, this product has a level premium but a decreasing payout frequently set to match the debt it covers

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