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Your Guide to Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers

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We’re Helping You Understand Disability Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers and Passengers

There’s no doubt that ableist attitudes prevail, so while getting car insurance for disabled drivers is not as cost-prohibitive as it used to be, the fact remains that disabled people may end up paying more for their car insurance premiums. 

But we can help you lower your rates—just keep reading. 

We’re going to share what you need to know about getting disability car insurance, including auto insurance discounts for disabled individuals, common coverage questions, and how to go about getting this crucial coverage.

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Disabled Car Insurance: You're Protected

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s illegal for insurance providers to charge inflated rates for drivers who have disabilities. After all, having a disability (be it mental or physical) does not automatically make you a higher-risk driver. 

This said, there are some conditions that are considered driving impairments and may result in your being saddled with heftier premiums—specifically, if your condition makes you a riskier driver or if you require costly vehicle enhancements that are more expensive to replace.

Some disabilities that may make you more costly to insure include (but are not limited to):

Hearing or vision loss
Amputee or paraplegic
Wheelchair use
Mental health illness or neurological conditions
Cerebral palsy

If you have a serious condition, talk to your doctor to assess whether your disability will impact your ability to drive.

There are some medical conditions that require you to be medically approved before you can be legally allowed to drive. While getting this approval may seem like another unnecessary hoop to jump through, remember: it’s not only about business with the insurance company, it’s about protecting you and other people on the road. 

How Is Auto Insurance for Disabled Drivers Different?

Really, it’s not, namely because there is no such thing as auto insurance for disabled drivers. The car insurance for disabled persons is the same car insurance anyone can get, but—as mentioned—the premiums may be higher if your vehicle is more expensive to insure due to special adjustments and modifications or if your disability makes you riskier on the roads.

If it poses a significant enough risk, you may not be permitted to drive, period.

As a disabled individual, your coverage will really start to differ when it comes to add-ons. For example, if you have custom equipment or a specialized vehicle, you should look into mobility car insurance coverage, which is additional coverage you can add to your plan for cushier protection. 

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How to Get Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers?

First things first: Get a quote for disabled car insurance. The easiest way to go about this is to get a quote from a carrier who specializes in providing affordable coverage for disabled drivers.

How do you find these carriers? 

Just request a quote from us. We’ve been in the insurance business for decades and we know the best providers of auto insurance for disabled individuals. Fill in your information and we’ll match you with your ideal provider. 

Simple as that. 

Be Honest With Your Carrier About Disability Car Insurance

You know what they say: honesty is the best policy. Be upfront with your insurer about your disabilities and medical conditions. Also, let them know what special equipment or modifications you have or will be putting on your vehicle. 

Some of these disability-adapted modifications could include:

Siren detectors
Power seats
Steering devices
Hand controls
Parking breaks
Amputee rings
Automatic doors
Special mirrors
Wheelchair ramps and restraints
Seat belt extensions
Pedal extensions

Failure to disclose accurate information about your disability and/or vehicle could result in your coverage being denied and you being dropped from your policy.

This said, your car insurance company cannot deny you the right to drive because of your disability: that is something your DMV determines.

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How Much Coverage Do Disabled Drivers Need?

That depends on your disability, but—perhaps more significantly—your vehicle modifications and, like any other driver, factors like your driving record, how often you drive, where you live, and age. 

Most standard full coverage insurance plans will include:

  • Personal liability, which reimburses damages or injuries to other drivers and passengers as well as their property. 
  • Comprehensive and collision, which reimburses damage to vehicles. 
  • Medical payments (MedPay) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which reimburse the cost of bodily injury to your passengers or yourself.
  • Uninsured coverage, which reimburses you for injuries sustained to yourself and/or your vehicle if you’re in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver

If you’re a disabled motorist or passenger, you may also want to consider these additional coverages:

  • Mobility car insurance coverage, which will reimburse you for the cost of temporary transport should your adapted auto need to be repaired. 
  • Roadside assistance, which offers pick-up after an accident, towing, and help for other common roadside issues, like breaking down or running out of gas. 
  • Special or adaptive equipment coverage, which will reimburse you for damage or destruction of the custom and/or disability-adapted modifications to your vehicle. 
How Much Does Disability Car Insurance Cost?

There is no exact way to determine that for you without getting a quote (which you can do here). However, on average, car insurance costs $133 per month. If your disability doesn’t affect your driving or your vehicle, then you can expect to pay around that amount or even less–especially if you have a good driving record and/or don’t drive often. 

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How to Save Money on Disability Car Insurance?

Even if your premiums are increased slightly as a result of your disability, there are still a few ways you can save on your car insurance. 

Exclude yourself. If you’re not driving the vehicle, but are only a passenger, then you don’t need to be insured as a driver. Instead, name another driver. This person will be insured and, if they do not need medical clearance to drive, will likely get lower rates.

Take advantage of discounts. There are many discounts available to all drivers, including safe driving record discounts, driving course discounts, low mileage discounts, discounts for when you bundle your policies (e.g. home and auto), senior driver discounts, and loyalty discounts. 

Talk to your insurance company to see what might be available to you, but here are some easy ways to score discounts. 

  • Go usage-based. Usage-based car insurance is a great way to lower your rates if you don’t drive that much (typically, defined as under 10,000 per year). 
  • Veterans discounts. There are many discounts for car insurance for disabled veterans—and for veterans in general. In fact, some providers offer up to 15% off car insurance for disabled veterans. 

To find the best car insurance for disabled veterans in your state, request a free quote from us. We’ll match you with the ideal carrier for your needs from our roster of top companies—no exhaustive comparison quotes required. 

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No, but there are add-ons you, as a disabled individual, should consider to give you the coverage you need.
Not legally, no. You are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and cannot be charged more just because you have a disability. If your disability makes you a higher risk driver, however, or if your vehicle is outfitted with expensive adaptive equipment, then your premiums may increase.
Not necessarily. There are plenty of people who drive safely with disabilities and having a disability does not necessarily mean you are a high-risk driver. Your car insurance rates can vary as much as anyone’s and will be determined on a variety of factors—many of which have nothing to do with your disability (e.g. your driving record, where you live, and how often you drive.)